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    Gruh Finance Fixed Deposit Rates

    Institution Name
    Deposit Amount Range
    Tenure Range
    Interest Rate
    Up to ₹1Cr
    1 Year to 10 Years
    7.5% - 8.25% Compound yearly
    Response Time Within 30 minutes

    Gruh Finance Fixed Deposit Rates


    How to find the best rates for Gruh Finance Fixed Deposit

    A subsidiary of HDFC Ltd, Gruh finance is a housing finance company recognised by the National Housing Bank. Gruh finance offers several fixed deposit schemes (rated FAAA by CRISIL and MAAA by ICRA) divided into monthly, quarterly, annual and cumulative plans. Under quarterly income plan, interest will be paid every quarter on July 1st, October 1st, January 1st and March 31st.

    Interest under annual income plan will be paid on March 31st. Under cumulative growth plan, interest will be compounded annually on March 31st. Also, ECS facility will be available for payment of interest on non-cumulative deposits.

    Gruh Finance Term Deposit Rates

    Gruh finance offers interest rate* of 7.75% for 1 Year. For a period of 1 Year 6 Months, the interest rate offered increased by 0.25% and stands at 8%. Again an increase of .25% can be seen for the tenure 2 years and become 8.25%. For the tenure 3 years the rate of interest is 8.5%. The rates are the same under all the plans for a period of 120 Months. The highest cumulative interest rate for a period ranging from 36 Months to 120 Months is 8.5% while the lowest stands at 7.75% for a period of 12 Months.

    *Interest rates are subject to change. The above table shows the latest figures.

    News About Gruh Finance Fixed Deposit Rates

    • Term Deposit Rates of Gruh Finance

      Gruh Finance, a subsidiary of HDFC Ltd. offers several fixed deposit schemes divided into monthly, quarterly, annual and cumulative plans. A directive issued by the Reserve Bank of India has seen interest rate cuts across banks and financial institutions in the country. Following this, Gruh Finance has also revised its rates of interest for cumulative fixed deposits.

      Gruh Finance offers an interest rate of 7.50% for a period of 13 to 23 months. For the term of 24 to 35 months, the interest rate offered is 7.75% per annum. An increase of 0.25% can be seen for tenures 36 to 47 months, 48 to 59 months; 60 to 71 months; 72 to 83 months; 84 to 95 months; 96 to 107 months; 108 to 119 months; and 120 months where the interest rate offered is 8% per annum. These new rates have come into effect from April 01, 2016.

      5th April, 2016

    • Gruh Finance Fixed Deposit Rates

      Following the reduction of repo rate and the directive of the Reserve Bank of India towards banking and financial institutions to reduce the interest rates on their credit offerings, many banks have accordingly reduced rates for loans as well as deposits. Out of deposits, fixed deposits with many banks have undergone successive reductions over the past few months. However, not much has been observed as a change considering the offerings from Gruh Finance.

      As of November 2015, the financial institution currently has the lowest interest rate at 7.75% per annum for a period of 1 year. Post that, the rates increase by fractional percentages of 0.25% till a maximum cap of 8.5% per annum that is valid for a period as long as 120 months. Gruh Finance doesn’t have any short term slabs for fixed deposits.

      3rd November, 2015

    • Gruh Finance changes Fixed Deposits interest rates

      Gruh Finance, HDFC Ltd.’s subsidiary and a housing finance company that's recognised by the National Housing Bank. Gruh Finance also provides their customer with fixed deposits. The deposits that you can choose from to make a saving will be for a period of 1 Year 6 Months which would have earned you an interest rate of 8.5% will now earn you an interest of 8.25%. For a tenure of 13 months to 23 months the interest rate was 8.5% and continues to be the same. The changes in interest rates have come into effect only the RBI announced their repo rate cuts. The rates of interest of these fixed deposits also change with the change in lending rates.

      28th October 2015


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