• Fixed Deposit Calculator

    A fixed deposit calculator helps you calculate the maturity amount for your deposit based on the prevailing interest rate for a particular tenure. The calculator is easy to use and will help you compare different tenures with different interest rates from different banks, thereby making it easier to decide which bank and tenure gives you the highest maturity amount for your fixed deposit.


    How to Use BankBazaar’s Fixed Deposit Calculator

    BankBazaar’s FD deposit calculator is designed to be easy to use and 100% accurate in calculating the maturity amount of your FD deposit. All you have to do is input the following data.

    • Deposit amount
    • Deposit interest rate
    • Deposit tenure

    After that is done, click on the ‘'Calculate’' button and the maturity amount will be instantly displayed on the same page.

    Advantages of BankBazaar’s FD Deposit Calculator

    There are several advantages to using BankBazaar’s FD interest calculator such as:

    • Accurate calculations of maturity amounts help you decide the best tenure to choose for your deposit
    • Input interest rates from different banks and compare to choose the best bank for your deposit
    • Ensure accurate calculations every time and avoid mistakes
    • Calculate maturity amounts much faster than using a digital calculator or spreadsheet
    • Make better choices regarding renewals of fixed deposits by comparing the maturity amounts

    Calculate Compound Interest with BankBazaar’s FD calculator

    You can calculate the compound interest that will accumulate on your fixed deposit using BankBazaar’s compound interest calculator. Again, all you have to do is input the required data and click on the ‘'Calculate’' button to get an accurate figure of how much your compound interest will be.

    How is Fixed Deposit Interest Calculated?

    The interest rate on fixed deposit is usually calculated using two methods – simple interest and compound interest.

    Simple Interest:

    This is a pre-fixed rate of interest at a fixed period of time. It is calculated by multiplying the rate of interest per annum, the principal amount, and the tenure in years.

    To take an example, if you deposit Rs.1 lakh at an interest rate of 10% p.a. for 5 years, then your interest amount at the time of maturity with a simple interest calculation will be the following:

    SI: P x R x T/100

    SI: 1,00,000 x 10 x 5/100 = 50,000

    Maturity amount at the end of the 5-year deposit tenure: Rs.1.5 lakh.

    Compound Interest

    This is the interest that is earned on both the principal amount and the interest amount. It is calculated by multiplying the interest rate with the principal amount raised to the number of periods, taken in years, for which the interest is compounded.

    A = P (1+r/n) ^ (n * t)

    A = Maturity amount

    P = Principal amount

    r = rate of interest in decimals

    n = number of compounding in a year

    t = number of years

    For a deposit amount of Rs.10,000 that is kept for a tenure of 3 years at a quarterly compounding interest rate of 10%, the interest at the time of maturity would be:

    A= 10,000 {1 + (0.1/4)} ^ (4 * 3)

    A = 10,000 (1 + 0.025) ^ (12)

    A = 10,000 (1.025) ^ (12) = Rs. 13,449 (approximately)

    Compound Interest (CI) = Maturity Amount – Principal Amount

    CI = 13,449 – 10,000 = Rs. 3,449

    Maturity amount at the end of the 3-year deposit tenure: Rs.10,3449

    FAQs on FD Calculator

    1. What are the factors that affect FD interest rates?

      FD interest rates are affected by a variety of factors such as the tenure of the deposit, age of the applicant (senior citizens typically get higher interest rates), and current economic conditions.

    2. For which tenure is simple interest calculated?

      Tenures of less than 6 months have interest rates that are calculated using the simple interest method.

    3. What is the minimum tenure for fixed deposits?

      The minimum tenure for fixed deposits is 7 days.

    4. Is it necessary to furnish any documents for using the online FD calculator?

      No, there is no need for any documents when using the FD calculator.

    5. Are there separate FD deposit calculators for different banks?

      You can use the BankBazaar FD interest calculator to calculate the maturity amount you will get from any bank based on their interest rates.

    6. What is the fee for using the BankBazaar fixed deposit calculator?

      There is no fee for using the BankBazaar fixed deposit calculator. It is a free online tool that can be used by anyone free of charge and is available on a 24x 7 basis.

    7. How many times in a day can I use a fixed deposit calculator?

      You can use a fixed deposit calculator unlimited time in a day.

    8. Is the fixed deposit calculator available for use on mobile browsers?

      Yes, the fixed deposit calculator is available for use on mobile browsers as well.

    9. How many FD scheme interest rates can I calculate at a time using the FD calculator?

      You can only calculate the interest rate for one FD scheme at a time using the fixed deposit calculator.

    10. Where do I find the interest rate of fixed deposit schemes to input into the FD interest rate calculator?

      You can find the interest rates of all FD schemes offered by almost all leading banks in India on the BankBazaar website itself.

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