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    Indusind Bank Indulge Credit Card

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    Indusind Bank Indulge Credit Card

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    Have the world at your feet when you get yourself an IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card. Be the leader, who redefines success and etches out a new path for himself with endless possibilities. As an IndusInd super premium credit card holder, be part of some of the finest lifestyle offerings and indulge yourself in an opulence that you have never experienced before. Live the high life when you are an Indulge card holder, with IndusInd Bank offering exceptional lifestyle privileges like chartered yachts and aircrafts, personalised chefs, art advisory services and exclusive golf benefits.

    Benefits of an IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card:

    • The IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card is a one-of-a-kind card in India with a 22k pure gold inlay.
    • With no preset spending limits defined by IndusInd Bank, the Indulge Credit Card can be procured by customers only by invitation.
    • In order to secure high-end transactions, the card also comes with an embedded EMV chip and a PIN number.
    • The IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card comes with a complete black core unlike other cards in the same segment.

    Features of an IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card: 

    • The IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card is offered to customers at low interest rates of just 1.79% per month.
    • Charter a luxury aircraft and fly in style with Taj Air to destinations across the globe. IndusInd Bank customers can also enjoy discounts of 5% on flying charges on two Taj Air aircrafts namely, Falcon 2000/LX and Avanti II.
    • Aquasail offers exclusive sailing and yacht hiring packages to IndusInd Bank Indulge customers. Card holders can just hire a boat, go sailing or entertain guests on-board their luxury yachts.

    Zero Fuel Surcharge:

    Enjoy a fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% at any petrol bunk across the country. The waiver is valid only if the payment is done using an IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card and the transaction amount falls between Rs.400/- and Rs.4000/-.

    NPSL - No Preset Spend Limit:

    IndusInd Bank will assign a basic spend limit known as Base Revolve Credit Limit based on the customer’s spending patterns and payment history. NPSL gives Indulge customers the additional flexibility of spending above their base credit limits when they perform high-end transactions.

    Indulge Experiences:

    • IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card customers can enjoy art advisory services, professional consulting services for contemporary art along with VIP access to art fairs, museum openings and other art events. Art connoisseurs can get updates on upcoming shows and also get advice on the valuation of an artistic masterpiece from IndusInd Bank.
    • IndusInd Bank brings the world on your platter! As premium IndusInd Bank customers, Indulge card holders can enjoy personalised services with celebrity chefs creating truly magical gourmet dining experiences at their own homes.
    • Enjoy a game of golf at premium courses across Singapore, India and Thailand with excellent privileges as a Green Fee player. Customers can also get specialized training sessions with qualified golf instructors at select golf courses in India.

    Indulge Lifestyle:

    • IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card holders can get exciting deals on movie bookings done on One-on-one deals, with three movie discounts in a month are the exclusive benefits that customers can enjoy. These benefits are valid across theatres registered with BookMyShow and the free ticket has a price limit of Rs 200, when the discount is availed.
    • All the world’s a stage! Enjoy attractive offers and up to 20% discount on bookings done for theatre events on BookmyShow. These offers are valid only if the bookings are done using an IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card.
    • An IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card is the best travelling companion, providing VIP access to customers at over 600 airport lounges worldwide with complimentary Priority Passes. Additionally, customers can enjoy 2 complimentary lounge visits in a quarter at various airports.

    Indulge Rewards:

    Earn rewards points for every transaction done using an IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card. Get 1.5 rewards points for every Rs 100 spent on the card. IndusInd Bank provides multiple redemption options to customers in the form of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts stay vouchers, airline miles, cash credits, Genesis luxury vouchers and Avios reward currency.

    Rewards Points

    Redemption Options

    1 rewards point

    Rs 1 - Cash Credit

    100 rewards point

    100 JPMiles

    100 rewards point

    100 Avios Points

    22500 rewards points

    Genesis Luxury Vouchers for Rs. 25000

    25000 rewards points

    1 - Oberoi Hotels & Resorts Stay Voucher

    Indulge Services:

    • IndusInd Bank offers the Direct Connect service to Indulge customers with immediate assistance provided round the clock.
    • Card holders can quickly have their queries and concerns sorted with the help of the 24/7 IndusInd Bank help desk offering exclusive Indulge Care customer services.
    • The 24/7 premium concierge assistance provided by IndusInd Bank helps in making dining and hotel reservations, party planning, arrangement of gifts, flight bookings and registration for special events.
    • IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card holders can also get complimentary Personal Air Accident Insurance worth Rs. 2.5 Crores, when they travel the globe.
    • Total Protect offers customers complete security against unauthorised transactions in case of theft or loss at PoS terminals with a cover for a sum up to the credit limit of the card. The Total Protect insurance covers customers up to 48 hours prior to reporting of loss of card. In cases of stolen cards and personal credentials, the plan also offers protection against counterfeit fraud incidents.

    Fees & Charges:

    Customers have two options with regards to joining fees when they avail an IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card. Card holders paying Rs 2, 00,000 as joining fees, do not have to pay any annual fee to IndusInd Bank. If customers opt to pay Rs 1, 00,000 as joining fees, then the bank will charge an additional annual fee of Rs 10,000.

    IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card Fees and Charges
    Add-on Card fee Rs 10,000
    Interest Rates 1.79% (monthly)
    Late Payment Charges Ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 700, depending on the outstanding balance.
    Cash Advance Charges 2.5% of the advance amount or a minimum of Rs 250.
    Return Cheque Charges Rs 250
    Interest Free period Up to 50 days

    IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card FAQs:

    1. How is the additional credit limit for an Indulge customer decided?
    2. The additional spending limit over the base revolve credit limit is determined based on the customer’s spending and payment patterns and is not a fixed value.

    3. How will the minimum amount due be determined, if the outstanding balance crosses the base revolve credit limit?
    4. The minimum amount to be paid will be 5% of the total outstanding balance or the excess amount over the base revolve credit limit.

    5. What are the modes available to customers to make IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card payments?
    6. IndusInd Bank customers can make credit card payments via online banking, cash, ECS, cheques, etc.

    7. What are the usage charges levied at Priority Pass airport lounges for IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card customers?
    8. IndusInd Bank charges a fee of US$27 per customer for a single visit, after the free passes have been used.

    9. If an IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card is lost or stolen, what is the next action that a customer must take?
    10. Customers must immediately report loss of card to the IndusInd Bank customer care, so that the banking officer will block the card instantly to avoid fraudulent transactions.


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