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    EarlySalary in partnership with DCB Bank launched SalaryCard, a new type of credit line exclusively designed for salaried employees. Eligible individuals can apply for the card through the EarlySalary mobile app. From document verification to approval, everything takes place on the app, enabling a hassle-free processing to the users.

    Once the card is approved, a digital version will be generated on the app and can be used instantly for all online transactions. For in-store transactions, a physical card is required which will be provided on cardholder’s request.

    SalaryCard provides the employees with instant credit that can be used for shopping, emergency medical expenses, travel and entertainment, children’s education and to purchase electronics.

    The total credit limit available on the SalaryCard varies for each customer and is mainly dependant on the income to expense ratio of the individual. Each category will have a different dynamic credit limit and repayment tenure.

    With a SalaryCard, users can enjoy more credit limit, flexible tenures and hassle-free processing. The card offers most of the privileges provided by a credit card without any joining fee or annual fee.

    Features Of Salarycard

    • A prepaid card with zero balance.
    • Powered by Rupay and is accepted at all the stores across India that accept RuPay cards.
    • Available in both digital and physical forms, both having same card number.
    • The physical card is an EMV chip-based card that is pre-activated.
    • The digital version of the card is generated immediately after the account is activated.
    • Physical SalaryCard is required for in-store transactions. Customers need to raise a request for the same.
    • The card can be used only for domestic transactions.
    • The validity of the card is 36 months from the date of issuance.
    • ATM transactions, casinos or gambling transactions are not allowed.
    • The minimum transaction on the card must be Rs.3,000 or more.
    • Used credit needs to be repaid in EMIs. Tenures vary for each shopping category.
    • The SalaryCard can be used for shopping, travel and entertainment, education, electronics, medical and insurance related transactions.

    How to apply for the SalaryCard?

    The entire application and approval process of the SalaryCard is through the EarlySalary mobile app. If you wish to apply for the card, you need to download the app and follow the steps below.

    • Open EarlySalary app.
    • Fill all the required fields with your personal, professional, and residential information.
    • Upload your recent bank statement and click on ‘Submit’.

    Once your request is received, the team will review your application and provide you with the credit limit for your SalaryCard.

    If you’re fine with the credit limit, you need to verify your KYC through the EarlySalary app itself. Once your KYC is verified by the loan officer, you will receive a confirmation message about the approval or rejection of your request.

    If approved, your SalaryCard is created in the app. You will receive an SMS and e-mail with card activation details.

    How Is The Digital Salarycard Generated?

    The Digital SalaryCard is issued to you through the EarlySalary app as soon as you successfully activate your card. To access the digital card, you need to open the app, click on ‘SalaryCard > Digital Salary Card’.

    You will initially find the digital card on the dash board with a masked card number. In order to unmask the number, you need to create a mobile passcode. The passcode is a 6-digit number that is required to access your card details every time.

    How To Generate Mobile Passcode For Digital Salarycard?

    As mentioned earlier, the mobile passcode is a kind of password to access your digital SalaryCard and the details. The following are the steps to generate it.

    • Open EarlySalary app.
    • Click on ‘SalaryCard’ section.
    • Click on ‘Digital SalaryCard’.
    • You will be prompted to answer two security questions such as date of birth, PAN card number, residential PIN code, or e-mail address.
    • Once the answers are validated, you will find an option to set ‘Passcode’.
    • Enter any 6 digits of your choice to create the passcode.
    • Click on ‘Confirm’.

    Your passcode is now set. Remember the 6-digit number as you need to enter it every time you want to access your SalaryCard details.

    Once the passcode is generated, you will be able to view the card details such as card number, CVV, and expiry date.

    How To Request For A Physical Salarycard?

    You need your physical SalaryCard only when you want to carry out in-store transactions using your card. For all the online transactions, the digital card is sufficient. Also note that both the cards carry same number, CVV, and expiry date. To request for a physical SalaryCard, follow the steps.

    • Open the ‘EarlySalary’ app
    • Go to ‘SalaryCard’ section and click on ‘Digital SalaryCard’
    • Click on ‘Get a Plastic Card’
    • Click on ‘Continue with this address’
    • Enter the 6-digit passcode
    • Once validated, your request will be placed

    You’re likely to receive your physical SalaryCard at your registered mailing address in 10 working days.

    The EarlySalary app also has a feature to track the delivery status of your physical card. Click on the ‘Track Card’ option, enter your tracking ID to know the status.

    How To Generate Pin For The Salarycard?

    You need a PIN only when you are using the physical SalaryCard. For online transactions, you don’t need the PIN to process the transaction. Also, you can generate the PIN only when you have requested for the physical card or when you’re using one. The following are the steps to generate PIN for your physical SalaryCard.

    • Open EarlySalary app
    • Go to SalaryCard section
    • Enter mobile passcode
    • From the menu, click on ‘Set PIN’
    • You will be prompted to enter 4-digit number of your choice
    • Enter and re-enter the same
    • Once verified, your PIN will be set successfully

    Once the PIN is generated, you can start using the card at all point-of-sale (POS) terminals that accept RuPay PaySecure payment across India.

    Transactions Using Salarycard

    You can use your SalaryCard just like how you use any debit card for both online and instore transactions. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while conducting transactions using the SalaryCard.

    • You can use the SalaryCard only for the select merchant categories.
    • The maximum credit limit on the SalaryCard varies for each customer and for each merchant category. This implies the max. limit for shopping could be different from the maximum utilization limit on medical and insurance transactions.
    • The available category-wise limit is available on the app.
    • The category-wise credit limit is based on the total credit limit on the card. If it increases, as a result of limit enhancement, the corresponding category-wise limits also increase.
    • If all the limits on your SalaryCard are zero, it could be a result of your recent cash loan from EarlySalary.
    • The minimum transaction amount is set to Rs.3,000, hence you cannot use the card for anything less than that.
    • Before conducting any transaction using the card, you need to select repayment tenure. If you don’t select the tenure, the default tenure specific to each category of spend will be applied.
    Category Maximum Tenure


    6 months

    Travel and Entertainment

    6 months


    6 months


    12 months

    Medical and Insurance

    12 months

    • There is also an option to change the default tenure to 1, 3, 6,
    • 9, or 12 months anytime from the mobile app. Any such change should be made before the transaction. No change would be allowed once the transaction is done.

    How To Repay The Amount Used On My Salarycard?

    You will receive your SalaryCard monthly statement directly to your registered e-mail. The total outstanding, which varies from each category, along with the due date, transaction details, and other details will be mentioned in the statement. Make sure you make the payment before the due date.

    Follow these steps to repay your SalaryCard outstanding due

    • Open the EasySalary app
    • Login using your passcode
    • Click on ‘Repay’ option
    • Select ‘Loan>Repayment’

    Your outstanding will be displayed along with the payment options. Choose one and complete the transaction. You will receive a message once your payment is credited to the account.

    Salarycard FAQs

    1. I forgot my EarlySalary app passcode, how to reset it?

      Follow these steps to reset the passcode of your EarlySalary mobile app

      step 1: Open the mobile app

      step 2: Click on 'SalaryCard' section

      step 3: Find and click on 'Forgot Passcode' option

      step 4: You will be prompted to answer two security questions, answer the same

      step 5: Once the answers are verified, an option to set ‘New Passcode’ will appear

      step 6: Enter a new 6-digit passcode

      step 7: Confirm 'New Passcode'

      Once the PIN is reset successfully, the screen will display the confirmation message.

    2. Can I block my SalaryCard and how?

      Yes, you can block your SalaryCard using EarlySalary app or website, or by calling EarlySalary customer care.

      Before blocking the card, do note that blocking SalaryCard is permanent and it cannot be reversed. Hence, it’s only recommended if your physical card is misplaced/lost or stolen. Once you block your card, you won’t be able to do any transactions on your card nor will you be able to unblock the card.

      Steps to block your SalaryCard using EarlySalary app or website

      step 1: Open the app or website

      step 2: Click on the ‘SalaryCard’ section

      step 3: Login by entering your passcode

      step 4: From the menu, select ‘Block’ option

      step 5: You will be prompted to answer the reason for blocking the card

      step 6:Enter passcode once again to confirm the request

      Once the passcode is validated, your SalaryCard, both digital and physical cards will be blocked.

      As mentioned earlier, there is no option to unblock the card. The only way is to raise a request for card replacement. You can find the same option in the app.

    3. My SalaryCard transaction at the POS got declined? What could be the reason?

      There are a few instances during which the POS transactions using your SalaryCard may get declined -

      • When the transaction value if lesser than Rs.3,000
      • When the transaction amount is more than the available credit limit on that category
      • When the transaction is towards gambling or casinos
      • When the POS is not accepting RuPay payments
    4. What are the KYC documents required during the application process?

      To complete the KYC, you need to submit self-attested copies of Aadhaar Card and PAN Card.

    5. Are there any reward points offered on the SalaryCard?

      Currently, there are no reward points offered on SalaryCard. The only reward you can expect for now is that the more you use your card, the higher would be the probability of increasing the credit limit.


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