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    Andhra Bank Platinum Credit Card

    The Andhra Bank Platinum Credit Card has appealing features and benefits that makes spending on your card fruitful. Earn reward points while you spend. Each point is worth 50 paisa. You can opt for group personal accident insurance at a nominal premium. Every transaction gets a new interest-free credit period. Avail of a roll over facility which gives you 20 to 51 days interest free periods. With this card, you can withdraw cash anytime you need for up to 50% of your credit limit. Pay it back by the due date and incur absolutely no interest.


    • Reward Points:

      Earn one reward point for every Rs 100 spent on your Platinum card. Each point is valued at 0.50 paisa.

    • Concierge Services:

      Brought to you by VISA, avail of concierge services anywhere in the world 24x7. Call the VISA Global toll free number to make restaurant reservations, book hotels and flights, send flowers and gifts to your loved ones, arrange for emergency cash assistance and more.

    • Fuel Surcharge waiver:

      The surcharge is waived on fuel purchases up to Rs. 2,000 per day. Fill up your tank with your Andhra Bank Platinum Card to avail of this benefit.

    • Cash Advance:

      Get cash when you need it from any ATM. Enjoy the lowest cash advances charges at 2% per month.

    • Group Personal Accident Insurance:

      Andhra Bank Platinum credit cardholders can avail of optional group personal accident insurance at nominal premiums. Get coverage for up to Rs. 10 lakhs for the main cardholder and Rs. 5 lakhs for the add-on cardholder.


    • Global acceptance:

      This credit card is accepted worldwide at merchant outlets, online, teleshopping, IVRS and mail order.

    • No Admission Fees:

      Apply for the Andhra Bank Credit Card free of charge. To become a cardholder costs nothing.

    • Revolving Credit:

      Buy now and pay later with your Andhra Bank Platinum Card. Enjoy interest-free period of 20 days to 51 days on your purchases.

    • Lowest Service Charges:

      Enjoy the lowest service charges of only 1.50% per month on your revolving credit.

    • Annual Fee Waiver:

      Enjoy zero subscription fees for the first year. Get the annual fees waived for the second year onwards if you spend at least Rs. 30,000 in the previous year or use the card for 18 transactions.

    • Statements and Summaries:

      Andhra Bank will send you a summary of the year with the details of your activities and spending patterns. Your monthly statements will reach you via post and email.

    • 24x7 Customer Care:

      Andhra Bank provides a 24x7 hotline for customers to reach out for any issues they may have. You can contact the bank to report loss of card, enquire about card declines and find out your outstanding balance, cash or credit limit, details of transactions, card usage and more.

    Important Fees and Charges:

    Charge Amount
    Joining Fee Nil
    Annual Fee Card against income - Rs. 1,000. Card against deposit - Rs. 400 Free for the first year. Waived if Rs. 30,000 is spent in the previous year or used for 18 transactions.
    Add on Card Rs. 300
    Interest on revolving credit 1.5% per month. Interest rate is increased to 2.95% per month if minimum amount due is not paid.
    Minimum due 5% of the billed amount.

    Other Fees and Charges:

    Charge Amount
    Cash advance transaction charge 2% of transaction amount.
    Cash advance limit 50% of the credit limit, subject to a maximum of Rs. 20,000 per day or two transactions.
    Cash withdrawal at Andhra Bank ATMs 3% of the withdrawn amount.
    Cash withdrawal at other Bank ATMs 3% of the withdrawn amount plus Rs. 50 on Mastercard and Rs. 70 on VISA.
    Over limit charges Nil
    Foreign Currency Transaction Markup 3% only on international transactions
    SMS alerts Rs. 15 per on a quarterly basis (Rs. 60 per year).
    Booking Railway ticket charges 2.5% of the transaction amount.
    Fuel surcharge 2.5 % of the transaction subject to a minimum of Rs. 10. No charge for fuel purchases up to Rs. 4,000 per day at HPCL outlets.
    Other surcharges 2.5% of the transaction amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 10.
    Outstation cheque collection Rs. 10 for each Rs. 1,000 or part thereof. An additional Rs.25 will be charged for out of pocket expenses.
    Cheque return Less than Rs. 5,000 - Rs. 50 per cheque Above Rs. 5,000 - Rs. 100 per cheque
    Chargeslip request Rs. 100 per slip
    Lost card charges Rs. 200
    Card replacement Rs. 200
    Service Tax Currently charged at 12.36% of the amount of Service Charges. (Service tax @12% + 2% Education Cess on 10% +1% Secondary & Higher education Cess on 12%)

    Late Payment Charges:

    Outstanding Balance Fees
    Up to Rs. 5,000 Rs. 200
    Rs. 5001 to Rs. 15,000 Rs. 300
    Rs. 15,001 to Rs. 25,000 Rs. 400
    Above Rs. 25,001 Rs. 600

    Eligibility Criteria for Andhra Bank Platinum Credit Card:

    To successfully avail of an Andhra Bank Platinum Credit Card, you need to fit the criteria below.

    • You should be an existing customer of Andhra Bank. Non customers are considered on selective basis.
    • You should have an income of at least Rs. 3 lakhs per annum.
    • If you cannot provide income proof, you should have a term deposit of at least Rs. 1 lakh with Andhra Bank. The limit on the credit card will be 75% of the value of the deposit.

    Documents required:

    • Duly-filled application form.
    • Two passport size photographs (color).
    • Income proof: Latest Salary Slip/Form 16 or 2 years latest IT returns.
    • Address proof as per KYC norms.
    • Copy of PAN card.
    • ID proof as per KYC norms if PAN card copy is not provided.

    Andhra Bank Platinum Credit Card FAQs:

    1. How do I pay my credit card dues?
      • You can also pay through NEFT.
      • Drop a cheque, DD or cash at any Andhra Bank branch.
      • Pay your bill at Andhra Bank ATMs using your Andhra Bank debit card. Register with your Andhra Bank branch to use this facility.
      • Andhra Bank account holders can set standing instructions to pay the minimum due or the full amount. The amount will be directly debited from your bank account on the due date.
    2. Where is my Platinum Credit Card accepted?

      You Platinum credit card is accepted internationally at merchant outlets that accept VISA or Mastercard. You can use your card for retail and online purchases, through IVRS, mail order and teleshopping.

    3. .How much interest will I incur if I carry forward a balance?

      If you choose to pay only the minimum amount due or a part of the bill, the rest of the amount carried forward will attract 1.5% per month on your Andhra Bank Platinum credit card.

    4. What is the minimum amount due on my Andhra Bank Platinum Credit Card?

      5% of the total billed amount is charged as the minimum due. This has to be paid by the due date every month. You will not attract any penalties and higher interest charges if this is paid.

    5. How many add on cards can I avail of?

      With your Andhra Bank Platinum Credit card, you are entitled to take 2 add on cards for your parents or children. The usage, fees, and bills will be charged to the main cardholder. The credit limit will be shared amongst both cards.

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    Andhra Bank Platinum Credit Card Reviews

    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I have my credit card with ANDRA bank which was taken 5 years back. They have offered platinum card and I get reward points as benefits. I have 24/7 helpline number and OTP device to login also. The rate of interest and charges are average here. My overall experience was satisfactory.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , hyderabad
      Reviewed on Oct 16, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Looking for better and better feature"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      Andhra Bank credit card limit is low and also its not good. But my credit card details mentioned in ITR file but my card limit is very low. I am using this Andhra Bank credit card nearly eight years but still I am not satisfied with the offer and limit.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , vijayawada
      Reviewed on Oct 14, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Its Better"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I am holding platinum credit card from Andhra Bank, they are providing good reward points, remaining all it has the basic features which provided by other banks. But credit limit is good they offered around Rs.50,000. I am very fine with them.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , khammam
      Reviewed on Sep 21, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Good Service"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Their service was very prompt in terms of credit card. Based on my savings account they have offered me this credit card and it pretty good but I don't that much but still. They have offered 2 lakhs as a credit limit and they have normal offers and I am holding this card for more than 2 years now.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , hyderabad
      Reviewed on Jun 23, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Customer Service has to be improved"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      I am using Gold credit card of Andhra, I am not happy with their customer care, My credit card pin number got blocked. Last two months, I had been trying to get new pin to use but there was no response. I wrote several mail but revert from them. Now I would like to close that card.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , vizianagaram
      Reviewed on Jun 03, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Good services"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      The experience for the credit card is overall good at Andhra bank. Bu they have given me a lower credit limit when compared to the card at SBI. I have a limit of only 50K and there could be more offers which is beneficial for me. The customer services are normal.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , jaipur
      Reviewed on Jun 02, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Good Service"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I am using andhra bank credit card for the past one year. Their services are good. There is no hassles till date because of credit card. I got life time free card with good interest rate. I am getting reward points and cash back offers from the bank on my usage.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , pune
      Reviewed on May 17, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Charges has to be waived off"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Andhra Bank is also good in credit card experience but there was no much benefits with this card. They used to take some maintenance charges and annual charges on credit card bills, if I am not using my card for some particular limit. HDFC is best in credit card experience compared to Andhra Bank.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , visakhapatnam
      Reviewed on Apr 26, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Brand new card"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      Its a brand new credit card. my wife was given a credit limit of 50k based on her pan Women account which they have provided without any request. They have provided her a credit limit of 60k on her HDFC credit card. I am expecting the same or better limit on my Andhra bank too. I was shocked to see my credit limit as they have assigned only 60k. I will not recommend this card because on my wife HDFC credit we have earned about 4000 on our spending where as this options is not there in the above mentioned card.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , kurnool
      Reviewed on Apr 20, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Very Useful Credit Card"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I was holding my credit card with ANDHRA Bank for past one year. I didn't receive any offers on my credit card.But I am using this credit card for general usage. They were very transparent in statements, I used to pay my bill amount directly to the branch.
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Jan 31, 2017
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Excellent services"
      0.5 4.5/5 "Excellent!"
      I had applied for a credit card with Andhra Bank. The process was excellent. I did not have to submit any documents as I am an existing customer of the bank. The verification was done and I have also received my PIN number. I would be receiving my card as well. A good experience.
      Was this review helpful? 4
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Jul 18, 2016
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Better service "
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      Its not suitable card for this modern world.They are not much convenient for the online offers which are available with other banks.The response and service provided was on the average scale.They apply annual fee around 300Rs in the credit card with Andhra Bank.
      Was this review helpful? 7
      , vijayawada
      Reviewed on Jun 14, 2016
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Excellent !!!!"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I have the Andhra bank credit card for last two year.My suggestion to the bank is that they have to introduce the emi option and also cash back offer on the purchase. But the major advantage is that there is no annul fee as it is cooperate card. Billing cycle and statements are good.
      Was this review helpful? 2
      , chandigarh
      Reviewed on Apr 28, 2016
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "good card"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I get good offers on my platinum visa credit card that I am having with the Andhra bank. The card is fine and the credit limit is fine too. Overall it is a good card and could be also recommended to those who look for. I give 5 star for the overall rating.
      Was this review helpful? 4
      , nagpur
      Reviewed on Mar 31, 2016
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "No extra charges levied!"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I felt that Andhra bank credit cards are far better than any other credit cards available in the market. There are no extra charges levied on this Platinum credit card. Whenever I get my increment in my salary, I used to get the credit limit enhancement along with that.
      Was this review helpful? 5
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Mar 03, 2016
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "100% satisfied!"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      When compared to other banks, the interest rate was pretty less with Andhra bank credit card. For more than 8 years, I am having the Platinum credit card with them. I would suggest them to make the EMI options more flexible for the transactions.
      Was this review helpful? 2
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Feb 29, 2016
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Good "
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      I am having the credit card with the Andhra bank and the credit limit is around 60000 Rupees. The services are okay with them because the interest is huge with them and am having it from the last one year of time.
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , vijayawada
      Reviewed on Dec 17, 2015
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Best card ...."
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      My very first card offered by Andhra bank. Credit limit offered by them was 500rs on 1991. On that period my salary was 2000rs. Within 300rs we can purchase every thing on that time. There is no hidden charges in Andhra bank. Their service was always good.
      Was this review helpful? 3
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Nov 14, 2015
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      Their service was very prompt in terms of credit card. I am holding Master card from them for the past 10 years. It a basic card. I am getting lots of offers from Andra bank. Credit limit offered by them was 60000rs. I am not using much so, that limit was enough for me.
      Was this review helpful? 5
      , secunderabad
      Reviewed on Nov 13, 2015
    • andhra Bank Credit Card
      "Good enough"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Andhra bank service is good. The offers is also good the cash limit and credit limit is also good. Shopping offers are very good. The petrol offers are not there. They can give more offers on my platinum Credit card which would be helpful to me.
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , chittoor
      Reviewed on Oct 22, 2015
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