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  • Do you have trouble reading a credit card statement issued by Amex Bank? Do you understand the terms of a billing statement? Do you know how to resolve mistakes in an Amex Bank billing statement? If no, we help you to address such issues. Amex Bank is primarily a well-known banking institution that caters to the challenging requirements of corporate and retail clients.

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    American Express Bank Credit Card Statements

    American Express Bank issues credit card statements, also called billing statements, every month to its credit card customers. A billing statement is basically a document that contains the summary of transactions related to a credit card user.

    The billing statements issued by American Express Bank will slightly vary since each credit card offer has different features and benefits. But, the layout is almost the same. A billing statement is a complete document related to your credit card account and is sent to you at the end of a billing cycle. It can also be considered as one of the customer engagement strategies of American Express Bank or Amex Bank.

    Key Features Of American Express Credit Card Statements

    • Credit card customers of American Express Bank can access credit card statements through emails, the internet banking facility and printed copies.
    • The bank charges no fees for issuing billing statements. The facility is provided at no cost for all classes of credit card users of the bank.
    • American Express Bank provides a robust, faster and user-friendly digital platform to download and view credit card statements.
    • Customers can register themselves for getting e-statements online or through emails. The number of customers using this facility has been growing faster.
    • The layout of American Express Bank’s credit card statements has been outstanding. Credit card statements are also used as a medium for promoting newly started credit card offers or other offers of the bank.

    American Express Credit Card Statements Explained

    1. The last statement balance: The last statement balance depicts the outstanding amount on your credit card account on the closing day of a statement period.
    2. The recent credits: The recent credits depict and credits and remittances that have been added to your credit card account.
    3. The latest debits: The latest debits section of an American Express credit card statement shows the total number of purchases that have been made by you within a given billing cycle.
    4. The present balance: Based on your credit card offers, the current balance section of your billing statement consists loan balances, the purchases that have been returned, disputed commodities, the amount in suspense, etc.
    5. The payment due: The payment due section shows the amount that is still to be repaid by you on a specified date. Based on credit card offers, this section consists the purchases that have been returned, the total amount in suspense, loan balances, the commodities or services in disputes, etc.
    6. The statement opening balance: The statement opening balance section in a credit card statement issued by American Express Bank tells you the outstanding balance on your credit card account at the beginning of a statement period.
    7. The minimum payment due date: The minimum payment due date is the date by which you should make payments to American Express Bank. Based on your bill remittance options, it may require 3 business days for a remittance to reach.
    8. The minimum amount payable: The minimum amount payable is the minimum amount, which should be paid by the due date.
    9. Available credit: The total amount of credit, which is available to spend is called the available credit. It will vary from time to time.

    Credit Card Fees Charged By American Express Bank

    Irrespective of the issuers of credit card offers, each credit card comes with certain charges and fees. Charges are an integral element of every offer. You will be able to choose the best offer if you can understand what type of fees to consider and what type of fees to pay attention to. The fees and charges you remit partially are based on your offer.

    • The APR rate, which is required to be remitted by you, is determined by a credit card accord. As an annual rate, the APR is computed. It is then applied to the outstanding balance every month. The application of an APR rate is different to different credit card users.
    • A yearly fee is charged by most credit card offers. For instance, a yearly fee of Rs.5,000 is levied to an American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card.

    Tips To Evade Additional Credit Card Fees

    Undoubtedly, a credit card is the best personal financial product as long as it is used wisely. Users who default on remittances are more likely to pay additional fees and charges. Therefore, it is essential to deploy the best credit card management practices to evade extra fees.

    • Many credit card users make partial credit card payments, but it is advisable to pay in full each month. You shall not be charged any interest if you make payments in full. If possible, set up an automated payment system.
    • If you cannot make credit card payments in full, at least try paying as much as you can. Make sure to pay at least the minimum due amount every time to avoid paying penalties.
    • Be advised to make credit card payments online to avoid paying extra money.
    • Make sure you must not spend more than the credit limit, which is offered to you. When you spend more than the credit limit, you shall be imposed an over-limit fee.
    • If possible try using charge cards issued by American Express Bank. Charge cards shall not permit you to have debts. Using a charge card is the best way to efficiently manage your personal finance.

    Tips To Fix Errors In An Amex Bank Credit Card Statement

    Have you experienced a credit card statement containing errors? If yes, how did you resolve them? The personal and financial information of a credit card user may be incorrect sometimes. The personal information includes the mailing address, contact details and name of a credit card user whereas the financial information includes the date and amount of transactions, the account history and the payment history. If you find a credit card statement containing errors, try fixing them. Experts advise you to use the following tips to do so:

    • If you are receiving the hard copies of credit card statements periodically, record them properly.
    • Credit card statements that your receive should be carefully compared with purchase receipts to ensure they are correct.
    • Talk to merchants if there are any issues. Many times merchants shall fix such issues without seeking the intervention of an issuer of your credit card, which is American Express Bank.
    • If merchants have failed to resolve the issues raised by you, lodge a complaint to Amex Bank offline or online. You can straightaway walk-in to the nearest branch of Amex Bank that shall help you to solve problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Amex Credit Card Statements

    1. What are the common features of an Amex Bank credit card statement?
    2. The common features of an Amex Bank credit card statement include the payment due date, the earlier balance, the due date for remitting the minimum amount, late remittance fees and charges if any, a complete summary of your credit card account, a complete summary of purchases and payments, the credit limit sectioned by Amex Bank, a statement period, a billing cycle, and the reward points gained and used by a customer. These common features are reflected in a majority of credit card statements issued by Amex Bank.

    3. When do I get my Amex Bank credit card statement?
    4. American Express Bank, also called Amex Bank, sends statements at the end of every billing cycle. According to the banking law, credit card statements must be issued at least 21 days prior to the due date. A statement is sent to you according to your preferences. If you have registered for receiving e-statements, a credit card statement can be viewed online in lieu of receiving printed copies. Amex Bank provides this facility like other banks.

    5. Will I still get a statement even after closing the account?
    6. A credit card customer of Amex Bank shall continue to receive statements until the final settlement is made. Even though your credit card account is closed, you still get a statement if you have not paid the credit card bill in full.

    7. What if I have not received my Amex Bank credit card statement?
    8. Credit card customers of Amex Bank do not get statements if their credit card account balance is nil. If there is a change in your mailing address, you shall not get a billing statement. Update your banker about the new mailing address. A credit card statement for newly sectioned credit cards takes several days to reach you. The best thing you can do is to speak to the customer care service professionals of American Express Bank, who can guide you better.

    9. Can I stop receiving the printed copies of my credit card statement?
    10. Yes. Instead of receiving printed copies every month, you can register for e-statements online. It takes a few minutes. Today, many customers prefer using e-statements for better accessibility.


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