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    American Express Add-on Credit Cards

     With time, credit cards have proved to be one of the most sought-after financial products available in the market. Credit cards have been instrumental in bringing a sea change in the spending habits of people. It is not only used across the world but it has been influencing the market for a long time now.

    There are quite a few reasons for the ever-growing popularity of credit cards in India. They not only make the cardholder’s shopping experience an easy affair but also make payment convenient. Also, credit cards come loaded with benefits and rewards points. These benefits can be utilized to get a good amount of cashback or discount while shopping online and in stores. The reward points, once accumulated, can be redeemed for fabulous gifts. Cardholders can also collect AirMiles that can be redeemed to bag discounted air tickets or products from an airline catalogue. Apart from these, a cardholder can also enjoy fuel surcharge.

    Amex Add-on credit cards or supplementary credit cards are issued to the family members of a primary cardholder so that they can enjoy the benefits and privileges together. Almost every banking organization in this country offers add-on credit cards. Similarly, American Express also offers a range of add-on credit cards for the family members of their primary cardholders. Loaded with rewards and benefits, these add-on credit cards make the shopping experience of the cardholders exciting.

    Who can avail an Amex add-on credit cards?

    Citibank issues add-on credit cards for the following relations of the primary cardholder:

    • Parents
    • Spouse
    • Children
    • Siblings
    • Mother-in-law
    • Father-in-law
    • Daughter-in-law
    • Son-in-law
    • Sister-in-law
    • Brother-in-law

    What is an Amex add-on credit card?

    American Express offers add-on or supplementary credit cards for the family members of the primary credit cardholders. The add-on credit card holders get to enjoy the same perks and privileges as the primary cardholder. However, American Express doesn’t provide add-on cards on every credit card that they offer. Also, to avail an add-on credit card, the applicant needs to meet all the eligibility requirements and an approval from the primary cardholder is also needed.

    Eligibility for Amex Add-on Credit cards

    Amex add-on credit cards can be availed by applicants who fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

    • Applicant must be above the age of 18.
    • Applicant must be a family member or a relative of the primary cardholder.
    • Primary cardholders should permit the issuance of the requested add-on credit card.

    Other requirements may be applicable based on the terms and conditions set by the bank.

    Documents required for Amex Add-on Credit Cards

    American Express asks an applicant to submit the following documents while applying for an add-on credit card:

    • A duly-filled application form.
    • Copies of valid ID proof and address proof of the add-on credit card applicant.
    • Passport-size photographs of the applicant.

    The bank might ask for additional documents. Applicants should keep in mind that Amex add-on credit cards are not provided unless all the required KYC (Know-Your-Customer) documents are collected.

    How to apply for an Amex Add-on credit card?

    To apply for an Amex add-on credit card directly, the applicant can visit the nearest branch of American Express. To apply for an Amex add-on credit card online, the applicant can follow the steps (with the help of the primary cardholder) that have been listed below:

    • They have to log in to
    • Next, they need to fill in the number of the primary credit card.
    • Then they will need to fill in the registered date of birth of the primary cardholder.
    • The primary cardholder will then receive a verification code that they have to fill in a space provided on the web page.
    • Once all the above written data has been provided, the applicant will have to submit the information.

    Customer Care

    Applicants can also apply for a call back option on the website to apply for an add-on credit card through customer care.

    Apply for an Amex Add-on credit card Through Post

    Applicants can also send their documents attached with the application form to the following address:

    Supplementary Cards,

    American Express Banking Corp.

    Cyber City, Tower C,

    DLF Building No.8, Sector 25,

    DLF City Phase II Gurgaon, Haryana-122002

    Features and benefits of Amex Add-on credit cards

    An Amex add-on or supplementary credit card comes with a number of advantages. Listed below are some of the features and benefits of an Amex add-on credit card:

    • The credit limit on the Amex add-on credit cards is shared with the primary card.
    • The statement of the add-on card is sent to the primary cardholder as a single consolidated summary.
    • Amex add-on credit cards can be used in India as well as abroad for shopping provided the international payment facility is enabled on the primary card.
    • The waiver limit on fuel surcharge on the add-on card is shared with the primary card.
    • It is easy for primary cardholders to monitor the expenses being made on the add-on credit cards.
    • Amex add-on credit cardholders can earn reward points and air miles that they can use to avail amazing discounts. The supplementary credit card comes with the same benefit as that of the primary credit card, unless otherwise specified.
    • Primary cardholder can set the spend limit on the add-on credit card as required. Each of these spends can also be tracked.

    Amex credit cards with add-on options

    • The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card
    • The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card
    • Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Cards

    Fees and charges for Amex add-on credit card

    Card Fee
    The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card Nil
    The American Express Platinum Travel Credit card Nil
    Jet Airways American Express Nil

    FAQs on Amex Add-on Credit Cards

    1. How many add-on credit cards can an individual avail on a primary Amex credit card?
    2. Customers can procure up to 3 add-on credit cards on a primary Amex credit card.

    3. Who pays the bills for an add-on credit card?
    4. Credit card bill for a supplementary credit card is paid by the primary cardholder.

    5. How is credit score calculated on a supplementary credit card?
    6. Credit score will not be calculated for a supplementary credit card. Instead all activities will be reflected in the primary cardholder’s credit report. Hence the add-on credit card must be used judiciously.

    7. What is the credit limit applicable for an Amex add-on credit card?
    8. The credit limit for an ICICI Bank add-on credit card is either the same or lesser than that of the primary credit card based on the terms and conditions of the bank.

    9. Who is eligible to avail an Amex add-on credit card?
    10. Immediate family members and relatives of the primary cardholder can avail an add-on Amex Bank credit card.

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