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  • Credit Card Bill Payment Online & Offline

    How do you make credit card payments? Is it online or offline? If online, what type of internet banking payment methods do you use? A majority of credit card users prefer making credit card bill payments through internet banking today.

    Remitting credit card bills through internet banking is preferred over other means of payments in several ways. It is simple and convenient. Payments through internet banking can be through mobile banking, auto-debit, electronic bill payments, debit cards, national automated clearing house, RTGS, IMPS, and NEFT. Each of these online payment options has its own advantages. Let’s understand how IMPS and NEFT work.

    Methods to Pay Credit Card Payment Online

    The Internet has simplified the way we bank. Almost all banks in India have the facility of Internet Banking and some others are taking help of third-party bill payment services to provide online payment channels.

    Listed below are various options through which you can pay your credit card bill online.

    • Through internet banking
    • NEFT/RTGS online funds transfer
    • IMPS Method
    • Through BillDesk
    • Auto debit facility
    • Mobile wallets and payment systems

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Online Using Net Banking

    Credit Card payment processing time - Instant (from same bank's savings account)

    One of the simplest methods to make credit card bill payment online is to use your net banking account. If you have a savings account with the credit card issuer, your job becomes much easier as you simply need to register your credit card in your existing net banking account and make the payment directly.

    Even when you don't have savings account with the card issuer, you can open an internet banking account for your credit card and make payments directly from the online account.

    Click the below links to know how to pay credit card bill of major banks using your net banking account.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Online Through NEFT

    Credit Card payment processing time - Within one working day

    • NEFT funds transfer is another online facility that allows you to make credit card bill payment using any net banking account.
    • Through NEFT, you can pay credit card bills of a bank using any other bank's internet banking account. The facility allows you to transfer funds from your savings account to the credit card account online.
    • However, before initiating NEFT funds transfer to your credit card, you need to add your credit card, towards which you're making the payment, as a 'Biller or Beneficiary'.
    • To add the credit card as a beneficiary, you might need specific details such as credit card number, cardholder name, IFSC code for credit card payments, bank name, branch, address, etc.
    • Please note that the IFSC code is unique for credit card payments. Please make sure you get the right code before initiating the payment.

    Note: Adding a new card would take 30 minutes to 24 hours based on your bank. You need to wait till the card is added and then initiate the NEFT funds transfer.

    To know the process for NEFT credit card bill payment of various banks, please follow the links below.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bills Through IMPS

    • The first step is to download the mobile application of your banking institution. For instance, you have to download the mobile application of HDFC Bank if you hold a bank account with this banking entity.
    • Once you download the mobile application, you have to login to mobile banking using credentials.
    • Click the ‘Bank Account’ button. You shall be provided with a link for the IMPS payment option.
    • Click the ‘IMPS’ button and choose the ‘Merchant Payment’ button.
    • Furnish the necessary financial details such as MMID, the contact number of billers, and your bank account from which funds are transferred, the billing amount, and your credit card number.
    • Finally, hit the ‘confirm’ button. The transaction is successful!

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Online through BillDesk

    • BillDesk is an online payment platform which allows you make credit card bill payments without having any online account.
    • Many banks and credit card issuers use the platform to offer easy and convenient bill payment services for their customers not using the net banking facility.
    • Through BillDesk, you can pay credit card bills of any bank using a debit card or net banking account of partner banks.
    • The BillDesk platform of each bank is unique and provides different payment options. You can visit the respective payment page for the list of banks allowed for net banking transactions or debit card transactions.
    • The screenshot below illustrates HDFC Credit Card BillDesk page along with the list of banks it accepts for bill payment.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill using Mobile wallets and Payment systems

    • The recent entrants in the industry, mobile wallets and payment systems, started offering credit card bill payment option on their platforms.
    • Paytm, Mobikwik, PhonePe, BHIM/UPI, etc., are some mobile payment platforms that provide credit card bill payment facility.
    • No separate registration is required on these platforms to make payments. You just need to download the app, link your debit card or savings account, recharge the wallet, enter your credit card details and make the payment.
    • This screenshot illustrates the credit card bill payment interface on Paytm.
    Paytm Credit Card Bill Payment

    Bill Payment through PhonePe

    • Open the PhonePe app on your phone.
    • Under ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’, click on ‘Credit Card Bill’.
    • Enter your credit card number and click on ‘Confirm’.
    • Once your credit card gets linked to your PhonePe account, you can then proceed to complete the payment of your credit card bill.

    Bill Payment through PayTM

    • Open the PayTM app or visit the website.
    • Under ‘Recharge & Bill Payments’, click on ‘Credit Card payment’.
    • Click on ‘+ Pay another card’.
    • Enter your credit card number and if you want you can provide a nickname for it too.
    • You can then link your credit card to your PayTM account and once done, you can proceed to complete the payment of your credit card bill.

    Bill Payment through MobiKwik

    Bill Payment through Google Pay

    • Open the Google Pay app on your phone.
    • Click on ‘Pay bills’ and then click on ‘Credit card bill payment’.
    • Choose your bank which has issued you the credit card.
    • If you don’t have your account linked, against ‘No account linked’, click on ‘^’ sign and click on ‘Link Account’.
    • Enter your credit card number and add a nickname for it if you want.
    • Click on ‘Link Account’.
    • Once your credit card is linked to your Google Pay account, you can pay your credit card bill whenever you want.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Online through Auto Debit Facility

    Credit Card payment processing time - On the payment due date

    • If you have a net banking account for your savings account, you can register for the auto debit facility and can rest assured about your credit card dues.
    • The auto debit facility allows you to provide standard instructions to your savings or current account-holding bank to debit the credit card bill on the same day every month.
    • While registering for the facility, you can choose either the minimum amount due or the total amount due.
    • You can register for the facility through your net banking account or by sending a written request to the bank.
    • Once registered, the auto debit facility will become effective from the immediate credit card payment due date.
    • The amount will be credited instantly on the payment due date every month.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Online With Other Bank

    Here are some of the best ways to pay credit card bill online with other bank.

    Net Banking

    The following are the steps to pay credit card bill through net banking:

    • Visit your credit card issuers third party payment page.
    • Enter your credit card type and card number.
    • Enter the important personal contact information like mobile number and email ID.
    • Enter the amount that you are going to pay.
    • From the drop down menu, select the bank that you would like to pay and complete the transaction process.

    Methods to Pay Credit Card Payment Offline

    When you don't have access to the internet, you can use any one of the offline methods to make your credit card payment.

    Listed below are various non-internet ways to make your credit card bill payment.

    • By calling customer care
    • By walking into a bank ATM
    • Over-the-counter payment
    • By drawing a cheque or demand draft

    Let's look at each method in detail.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Offline by Calling Customer Care

    Credit Card payment processing time - Instant

    • Some credit card issuers or banks allow you to pay your credit card bill by calling the respective customer care. However, in order to use the channel, you must have a savings or current account with the card issuer or the bank.
    • If your bank account and credit card are from the same issuer, you can call the customer care to pay your credit card bill.
    • In most cases, the IVR would guide you through the payment process without human intervention. Hence, your card details and other information remain secure.
    • However, not all card issuers would provide the facility. Check with your respective card issuer before making the payment.
    • Payments made through the customer care are typically instant.


    Given below are the steps to pay your credit card bill through IMPS:

    • Open the mobile application of your bank.
    • Choose the IMPS merchant payment option.
    • Enter the merchant mobile number and MMID number.
    • Enter your credit card number and bank account number from where the money will be debited.
    • Enter the amount and complete the transaction.


    Here are the steps to pay your credit card bill through NEFT:

    • Login to the net banking account through which you are going to pay the credit card bill.
    • Add your credit card number as a beneficiary.
    • Enter your credit card issuer’s IFSC code.
    • Enter the amount that you wish to pay to complete the transaction.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Offline Through the ATM

    Credit Card payment processing time - Instant

    • If you have a debit card from your credit card issuer or bank, you can walk-in to the bank's ATM to pay the credit card bill.
    • Visit any nearest ATM of your credit card issuer with your debit card, insert your debit card into the ATM kiosk, select credit card bill payment option and follow the instructions to make credit card payment.
    • Usually, the bill payment through ATM is instant as the amount gets transferred from your savings or current account to your credit card account.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Offline at the Bank Branch Office

    Credit Card payment processing time - 1 working day

    • If your credit card issuer is a bank with a physical office, you can walk in to the nearest branch and make your credit card payment by depositing cash.
    • Simply walk in to the respective bank branch, fill-in the deposit slip with your credit card details and the bill amount and submit it at the counter.
    • The payment will be processed within 1 working day.
    • Over-the-counter payments usually entail a service charge of up to Rs.100 per payment.

    How to Pay Credit Card Bill Offline by Drawing a Cheque/DD

    Another offline credit card payment method is to draw a cheque or demand draft (DD) in favour of the credit card account and drop it at any bank branch or ATM drop box.

    The cheque or draft should favour the respective credit card account (write the 26-digit credit card number on the cheque) and it should also contain your name and contact number on the reverse side.

    If your cheque issuing bank and the card issuer are the same, your cheque will be processed within 3 working days, if they are not the same, it will take 5 working days, outstation cheques will be cleared in 12 - 21 working days.

    Hence, make sure to pay your bill in accordance to the cheque clearing timelines so that the payment would reflect on or before the due date.

    Benefits of Paying Credit Card Bills Online

    • Saves time and effort: Paying your credit card bill online is quick and easy. It saves a lot of time which you would've otherwise spent on visiting the bank or ATM.
    • Convenience and comfort: Online payments can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. You can also make payments through your mobile or computer from anywhere around the world.
    • Safe and secure: Online Banking is secure with the IPIN or other ways of authenticating your identity. Banks provide safety features that ensures your privacy and identity are protected. It eliminates the risk of losing money or information in the mail or anywhere else.
    • Easy records: When you use online banking facilities, everything is recorded instantly and is available for your review anytime you need. All your information is automatically organised and available at one place. This makes it convenient when you're budgeting and filing taxes.
    • More control: You can choose to pay the minimum due, the full amount or any amount that you desire when you pay your credit card bill online. You can change your choice with each bill.
    • Eco-friendly: Making payments online saves paper, cheques, envelopes, stamps, and receipts. It also eliminates clutter when you receive all your statements and receipts electronically.

    Important Tips While Making Online Payments

    • Check your credit card statement - Before you make any payments towards your credit card bill, check your online statement. Ensure all charges to the card are correct and note the exact amount you need to pay on the payment due date.
    • Processing time - Always check the time it would take for your payment to be processed when you are paying your credit card bills. For payments made through the bank's internet banking facility, the turnover time is usually the same day. So this option can be used to make payments on the due date without the risk of incurring a penalty. Other online methods can take 1 to 5 working days.
    • Provide accurate information - Make sure you are accurate when entering your credit card number, bank account number and other details. Take the time to double-check the information you have provided and make the payment for the right amount.

    Credit Card Billing Cycle

    Credit card billing cycles refer to the period during which your credit card bill is generated. The transactions made on your credit card during the credit card billing cycle will reflect on your card statement.

    For example, if your credit card statement is generated on the fourth day of every month, then your credit card billing cycle will start on the fifth day of the previous month and will end on the fourth day of the current month. All the transactions made during this period will reflect on your credit card statement generated on the fourth day of the month. It is important to note that credit card cycle may vary between 27-31 days and may vary from bank to bank and the type of card availed.

    How Does a Billing Cycle Work?

    The billing cycle starts the day your card is activated. Depending on your credit card, even though you may not have made any transaction, the card may charge activation fee which will reflect on your statement generated next month. In case you are looking to transfer your balance to your credit card, then all the previously completed transactions get added to it. Other charges such as EMIs, finance charges, fuel surcharge waiver, amount refunded, etc. will all reflect on your next month statement. It is your duty to ensure you pay the credit card for the bill generated during the cycle.

    Once you make any transactions on the 6th day of the month, then the bill for it will be generated in the next month’s bill for which you will have more time to pay.

    FAQs on Credit Card Bill Payment

    1. When should I pay my credit card bill?

      You must pay your credit card as soon as the bill is generated for the cycle. You must note that delay in the payment of your bill will result in bank charging a late payment fee. If you fail to pay your bill for a long time, your credit card may get deactivated and your credit score will suffer.

    2. Do I need to pay my credit card in full?

      You can pay a minimum amount to keep your credit card activated. However, it is recommended that you only pay the minimum amount when you are facing any financial crunch. Otherwise, make sure that you always pay your credit card bill in full.

    3. Should I wait for a statement to pay by credit card?

      You can always log in to your net banking account to check the credit card transaction made during the billing cycle. You can surely pay your credit card bill even before the statement is generated.

    4. What is the best time to pay a credit card bill?

      The best time to pay your credit card bill is by the 5th of every month as soon after that the new billing cycle begins. Also, you generally receive your salary at the start of the month which makes it easy to pay your credit card bill.

    5. Which is the fastest method to pay my credit card bill?

      The fastest way to pay your bill is through different online channels such as net banking, UPI, mobile wallet, etc.

    6. How can I pay my credit card bill from another bank?

      You can pay your credit card from other bank accounts through NEFT where you can add the credit card number as payee to complete the payment.

    7. Which is the fastest method to pay my credit card bill?

      The fastest method depends on how long your bank takes to process the payment. Generally, the fastest mode of bill payment is online banking where it is processed instantly.

    8. What is the processing time of credit card cheque payments?

      Cheque payments can take up to 7 working days. Outstation cheques may take up to 21 days. Hence, make sure your cheque is deposited ahead of the due date to avoid missing the payment.

    9. Does it mean my bill is zero if I do not receive a credit card statement?

      Not necessarily. If you haven't spent on your credit card, you may not receive a statement for that month. If you recall spending on your credit card or you are not sure, and you do not receive a statement, please call your bank's customer service to ensure that there is no payment to be made.

    10. What are the consequences of missing credit card payments?

      You should never miss paying at least the minimum amount due on your credit card. If you do miss a payment, a fee will be levied. The bank may also increase your interest rate. If you continue to miss payments after notifications and reminders, this could result in your card being blocked till the payment is made in full.

      Upon continuous default, the bank might list you as a defaulter and report your account details to CIBIL. This might impact your credit score and hamper future credit opportunities. Banks also have the right to impose legal action to recover the dues.

    11. Is it possible to pay the FinBooster: Yes Bank - BankBazaar Co-branded Credit Card bill online?

      Yes, you can pay the FinBooster: Yes Bank - BankBazaar Co-branded Credit Card bill online.

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