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    Corporation Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

    Corporation Bank offers a variety of credit cards to suit the lifestyle and banking needs of its diverse customer base. When it comes to using a credit card, paying the outstanding balance before the due date become essential if you want continuity of services and a good credit score. If you are not sure how to make credit card bill payments, you might miss out on the payments and hence incur late payment fees. To save the customer from all these hassles, Corporation Bank has both offline and online means for making credit card bill payments. These services come at no extra cost and the customer can choose a method that he finds most convenient. Corporation Bank has a payment gateway with user-friendly interface to make credit card bill payments in an instant.

    Corporation Bank Credit Card Bill Payment - Online Modes:

    If you wish to make the credit card bill payment from the comfort of your home, you can do so by making use of the online modes offered by Corporation Bank. You need not be registered for Corporation Banking Net Banking facility to make a credit card payment. Read on to find more about the online credit card payment means.

    • Visa Money Transfer

      Visa Money Transfer is convenient and safe option through which you can pay your credit card bills. Using this facility offered by most of the major banks in India, you can pay the bill of any Visa credit card instantly.

    • Using Corp Net Payment Gateway

      Corporation Bank credit card customers who have the access to the bank’s Internet Banking facility can make payments through the same. Corp Internet banking customers can make credit card bill payments through the internet banking portal offered by Corporation Bank. To do the same, customers just have to select the credit card bill payment option under Funds Transfer.

    • Using Internet Banking Facility of other Banks - Paynet

      Corporation Bank Credit cardholders can pay their credit card outstanding dues by using their Net Banking account of other banks. To do the same, select the “Credit Card Dues” option available in the homepage of Corporation Bank website. Customers have to select “Pay Online ” after which they will be redirected to their bank’s portal. This facility is offered by third party aggregator Bill Desk. The customer will then have to enter necessary authentication details to make the payment.

    Corporation Bank Credit Card Bill Payment - Offline Modes:

    If you are more comfortable with making the payment offline, you can choose from the following offline modes offered by Corporation Bank.

    • Cash Payment

      Customers can make cash payments at any of the CBS branches towards the Corp Bank Credit Card dues. You can visit the nearest physical branch to make a cash payment that amounts to your credit card due.

    • Auto Debit Facility - Standing Instruction

      If the credit cardholder has an account with Corporation Bank, he can set for a standing instruction wherein the amount, either the total amount due or the minimum amount due will be transferred to the credit card account on due date. The customer can give standing instruction to auto debit the minimum due or total due as per his wish.

    • By Draft or Cheque

      Corporation Bank credit card holder can make a cheque or draft payment favouring Corp Bank International Credit card, mentioning the card number. The cheque or draft can be deposited in any of the Corporation Bank branches. While making a cheque deposit, the customer must also mention the mobile number at the back side of challan.

    Corporation Bank Credit Card Statement:

    Corporation Bank credit card statements are sent to the customer on a monthly basis, depending on the billing cycle. There will no statement generation for period in which there is no transaction or no outstanding amount due. The credit card statement will be sent to the mailing address of the customer by post on a monthly basis. The cardholders will be billed for all charges incurred by using the card and for all charges applicable to the account on a monthly basis. The credit card statement will also provide information about the due date, total due amount and the minimum amount due.

    Corporation Bank Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs:

    1. How do I know my minimum amount due for my Corporation Bank credit card?

      You can refer to your monthly credit card statement to get information on the minimum amount due, total amount due and the payment due date.

    2. How do I know if my Corporation Bank credit card payment is acknowledged?

      Payments made towards Corporation Bank credit card outstanding are acknowledged in the statements for subsequent month. The payment received against the credit card outstanding will be adjusted against fees, charges, cash advances, taxes and purchases.

    3. I have made a payment towards Corporation Bank credit card outstanding which still has not reflected in my account. What should I do?

      If the payment has not been acknowledged in the subsequent statement or has not reflected in the account, you can get in touch with Corporation Bank through the 24/7 helpline or email to address your grievances. However, it is suggested that you wait for at least 7 working days before you can see the change in account since different credit card bill payment methods take different time.

    4. What will happen if I miss on the credit card bill payment due date?

      In case of default, the customer will be sent frequent reminders via post, telephone, SMS and fax. You will incur penalty charges for missing on the due date and interest might accumulate. If you constantly fail to pay the dues, your credit card account might be terminated.

    5. Will I incur any charges if I place a request to receive the credit card statement through courier?

      Yes, you will have to pay a nominal charge of Rs. 100 if you wish to receive the statement via courier. Normally, the statement will be sent to you through post or email.

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