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    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Paperless approval option available

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    Looking for a Credit Card in Kochi? Compare various Credit Card offers online at for Kochi city

    Looking for a credit card in Kochi? You are at the right place as Bankbazaar is the only 100% neutral finance portal in the online world that can provide you with the best and the most number of credit solutions in the market. We can help you get offers from top card providers in the country and ensure that you get the best buying power in plastic. Our aim is to

    • Enlighten you about your exact card requirements
    • Search out the best options as per your eligibility
    • Enable you to compare card features and benefits correctly
    • Help you choose the right card
    At Bankbazaar you can also get instant e-approval for credit cards.

    Kochi or Cochin is an important port city located on the western coastline of India, along the fringes of the Arabian Sea. It constitutes a part of Keralas Ernakulam district and consequently often termed as Ernakulam too. The pulsating beauty of Kerala infiltrates into Kochi as well and the place is rated amongst the topmost tourist destinations in the whole world. On the same note, it is often informally called the Gateway to Kerala and taken to be the point to begin the exploration of the deep and profound beauty of the state. Like most Indian cities, Kochi too is credited with an illustrious past. But yet still, the source of its name is still an enigma. Some noted historians are of the opinion that Kochi is a made to order form of the Malayalam word 'Cochazhi', meaning the 'small sea'. Some again say that 'Kochi' got its name from the Chinese. The atypical Chinese fishing-nets that are found in the area can perhaps be accredited to the profound Chinese influence that the city experienced in the past. Some other theories also point out that the name

    Kochi is sourced from 'Kaci', a word that means 'harbor'.
    2011 Census records the population of Kochi as 601,574 with a literacy rate of 97.5%. Geographical area of the city constitutes 94.88 km2. Mostly Malayalis live here but there is a cosmopolitan base in the city too consisting of Tamils, Tulus, Gujaratis, Sikhs, Anglo-Indians, Jews and Konkanis. Malayalam is the official language of the area followed by English. Hindi and Tamil are also in use. Some important facts about Kochi are as follows:

    • Kochi is one of the Indian cities that contain the largest volume of Christian population in the nation
    • Kochi ranks at # 1 in the overall number of tourist (both international & domestic) influx in Kerala
    • Kochi has been rated as the 6th topmost tourist spot in India via a survey carried out by the Nielsen Company
    • Kochi has been positioned amongst the top 28 Indian cities that are considered to be a part of the 440 emerging global cities that are estimated to put in 50% of the world GDP within 2025 ( by McKinsey Global Institute)
    • Kochi contributes the maximum portion, i.e. 14.47%, of Keralas GDP.
    • The Kochi Metro is under construction at the moment and supposed to ease out the traffic jamming in the city very soon
    • Kochi houses the Cochin Stock Exchange, which is incidentally the singular stock exchange that exists in Kerala.

    Kochi is supposed to be the next boom town to emerge in India. Its economic base is formed of industries like tourism, ship-building, manufacturing, construction, spice/seafood export, IT, health services and chemical production. The International Pepper Exchange, Kochi Refineries, TELK (electrical industry), TCC, FACT, HOC, IREL (chemical industries) are based in Kochi. The Cochin SEZ and the Info Park of Kochi are also famously known. Important educational institutes like CUSAT, the Indian Maritime University and the Amrita School of Business exist here. Bankbazaar is a trustworthy finance portal in the online world, providing free service to patrons for finding out the best funding and investment solutions in the market. We can help you find a respectable credit card in Cochin and drive home the most beneficial Rewards programs too. We partner with the best financial institutions in the country like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, etc. and take special efforts in searching out the best credit solutions for our clients. Fill up our e-form to help us lead you to the most reputable Kochi Credit Card offers. Check your Eligibility Now!

    Get the BankBazaar advantage when looking for credit cards

    • can help you get the best options if you are looking for credit cards in the city. We have a strong network of credit card companies and banks we work with so that you dont have to do the leg work of looking for offers available in the market. Here are some of the major credit card companies we work with
      • Axis Bank Credit Cards
      • HDFC Bank Credit Cards
      • CitiBank Credit Cards
      • ICICI Bank Credit Cards
      • IndusInd Bank Credit Cards
    • All you have to do is fill out the form that will establish your eligibility. Once you have done that you will be sent credit card options that you are eligible for. Since they come from the best banks and financial institutions you wont miss out on the offers out there.
    • then encourages you to compare these offers based on wide ranging factors like interest rates, finance fees, credit limit, cash advance limit etc. Balance transfer facility is something you might want to look at if you are trying to get rid of your old card. Only when you have compared these offers based on your individual requirements should you make your choice.
    • We then let you make a simple application online and offer you updates along the way so that you know how things are progressing.
    • Your personal information is protected with us and we only send it to your chosen credit card company.
    How to get Kochi Credit Card on in 3 simple steps?
    • Fill up the e-form to initiate search for card offers
    • Compare card offers from our partner financial institutions
    • Apply for your credit card right from here
    • Privacy: Your application is sent only to the card provider you choose, and is never shared with anyone else.
    • will update you on your credit card application status via email & SMS alerts.
    1. Who can get a Credit Card?
    2. Anyone with a fixed income, aged above 21 & favourable CIBIL credit score of over 800 can get a credit card.

    3. What will be my credit limit?
    4. The credit limit will depend on various factors like your income, repayment, CIBIL score, etc. Your credit limit can be increased or decreased depending on your last years spending and repayment history

    5. Can I get an Add-on card? And will there be a separate credit limit on the Add-on card?
    6. Yes, you can get an Add-on card but, it will totally depend on the offers the credit card issuer is running at a given point of time. There will not be a separate credit limit for the add-on card.

    7. What should I do if there is a fraud transaction on my credit card?
    8. You should immediately inform your credit card issuer about the fraud transaction.

    9. What should I do if my Credit card is lost or stolen?
    10. If your credit card is lost or stolen inform your credit card issuer within 24 hours and block your card immediately for any fraudulent transactions. Ask your card issuer to send you a new card which generally gets delivered in 3-4 working days.

    11. Which payment network credit cards are available in India?
    12. Basically, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are three popular payment networks available in India. Payment Networks are not credit card issuers your credit card is issued by banks or other financial institutes.

    13. What is a grace period?
    14. A grace period is interest free period for you to pay your credit card balance in full without any interest rate charges. The grace period is calculated based on your billing cycle and not from the date of the transaction.

    15. Will there be any joining fees for credit card?
    16. Most credit card issuers do not charge you any joining fees. Some may charge you but they might reverse those charges in your first credit card statement.

    17. Is there any annual fee associated with credit cards?
    18. Most issuers waive off annual fee for the first year and then charge a minimum amount of Rs. 500 as annual fee.

    19. What is the interest rate/finance charge for credit cards?
    20. The finance charges will wary for each card issuer and type of card like Platinum, Gold, Titanium or any special credit card. Generally credit card interest rates start at 2.5% per month (30% per annum) to 3.75% per month (45% per annum).

    21. Will there be an overdue penalty or late payment fee?
    22. Yes, every card issuer will charge you a late payment fee ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 600.

    23. Will there be a separate charge for foreign currency transactions on my credit card?
    24. Yes, every card issuer will charge you some percentage of the transaction value for the foreign currency transactions. It is generally around 3.5% of the transaction value.

    25. How can I make my credit card payment?
    26. Credit Card issuers provide the following credit card payment options:

      • Through ATMs: Make payments through your card issuing bank ATMs.
      • Through Net banking: Make Card payments using your Net banking.
      • Visa Money Transfer
      • Standing Instructions: If you have bank account with your card issuing bank then you can give standing instructions to directly debit the minimum amount due or full payment due for your monthly credit card payment.
      • National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT): Transfer funds from any other bank account to make your card payments.
      • Drop Box Option: You can also drop a local cheque, payable to bank card A/c followed by your card number, at any drop box located in ATMs and branches of your card issuer.
      • Over the counter: You can pay directly by visiting your card issuing bank and make the cash payment for your credit card outstanding.
    Credit Card Eligibility and Documentation
    • Card holder should be in the age bracket of 18 years to 70 years.
    • Should have a fixed monthly income.
    • Should have a good CIBIL credit score.

    Documents required for Credit Card:

    • Pan Card Photocopy OR Form 60
    • Latest Salary Slip, Form 16, Income Tax return copy as income proof
    • Passport, driving license, ration card, etc. for residence proof.
    Features & Benefits of Credit Cards
    • To fulfill dreams which cant wait, apply for credit cards and live your dreams.

    Credit Cards Charges

    • Save on fuel spends
    • Exiting reward programs
    • Comprehensive Insurance coverage
    • Cash back facilities
    • EMI facility on your product purchases
    • Balance Transfer facility
    • Interest Free Period
    • Special discounts on various productsSave on fuel spends
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