• Eco-Friendly Tips for Car Owners

    Although cars have proven to be convenient modes of transportation, petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles produce toxic emissions that pollute the air. The rise in air pollution has resulted in the need for fuel-efficient vehicles like hybrid and electric cars which are less harmful to the environment. The Government of India is in the process of phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles, especially given the smog in the capital city of the country. The Indian government aims to have an all-electric vehicle fleet by the year 2030.

    The auto manufacturers in India are currently transitioning to electric vehicles in order to facilitate the government’s aim to have an all-electric fleet. What’s more, even global auto manufacturers have begun launching hybrid and electric vehicles. So, you may wonder what are eco-friendly cars? These are cars built on hybrid/electric technology and yet offer a high mileage. There are various advantages to driving an eco-friendly car such as:

    • Reduce fuel costs: As the price of imported petrol and diesel increase every year, driving an electric battery-powered car can help you save money on fuel expenses. A hybrid vehicle is ideal for city traffic in terms of mileage and performance whereas an electric vehicle is ideal for long-distance travels.
    • Protect the environment from air pollution: Vehicles running on diesel and petrol emit harmful gases like carbon-dioxide which is not good for a human body. Comparatively, hybrid and electric vehicles have lower emission and cleaner tailpipes. In case you didn’t know, here is a tip - you need not carry out yearly-emission testing on a hybrid or electric vehicle unlike a petrol or diesel vehicle.
    • ROI on eco-friendly vehicles are good: Although the price of an eco-friendly vehicle is higher than a petrol or diesel vehicle, you can save up on the cost of maintenance, insurance, and fuel consumption. Another tip - the Indian government provides subsidies to customers purchasing electric cars in an effort to facilitate the transition to all-electric vehicles.
    • Eco-friendly vehicles conserve fuel while idling: As you know, a petrol or diesel vehicle will continue to emit toxic gas and pollute the air while idling in traffic whereas a hybrid/electric vehicle will automatically shut down while idling.
    • New/better roads for eco-friendly vehicles: The government of India is focused on building a better infrastructure to make the roads compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles in order reduce road accidents and a smooth driving experience.
    • Eco-friendly vehicles have better resale value: Hybrid and electric vehicles are manufactured using high-quality material that last longer compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. That is why they have a higher resale value than petrol and diesel vehicles.

    If you are looking to purchase an eco-friendly car, opt for low-interest rate new or used auto loans from banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).

    Here are Some Useful Tips to Ensure your Car Is Eco-Friendly:

    • In order to prevent a car breakdown at the unexpected of times, ensure the vehicle is regularly tested and well-maintained.
    • As you know, how you drive your car has an effect on the fuel consumption of the car. Therefore, hone your driving skills before taking it out on public roads to prevent vehicular accidents as well as get better fuel economy.
    • Keep in mind, vehicles that are older than 6 months must carry a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate to ensure they are in compliance with the emission norms.
    • As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a third-party liability motor insurance policy is mandatory for all vehicles on public roads in India. A valid car insurance policy can offer your coverage against third-party liability as well as prevent a penalty.
    • Reduce the weight of your car. As you may already know, moving a heavy vehicle laden with spare car seats, gas cylinders or gym equipment requires more fuel than a light vehicle.
    • Ensure your car is outfitted with low-rolling-resistance car tyres so as to have a smooth and safe driving experience on Indian roads.
    • The usage of air-conditioner in your car to a minimum as it consumes excess fuel.
    • Switch off your car when idling in traffic to reduce the emission of toxic gas into the air.
    • Last but not the least, opt for carpooling as it not only reduces traffic but also helps save money.

    In conclusion, a hybrid car or a fully-electric car is not only fuel-efficient but also environmentally-friendly.

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