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    Diwali deals 2017 on Maruti Suzuki cars

    The festival of lights is considered to be the ideal time to invest in something expensive. This is why, cars are often found to be on top of the wishlist of the buyers during diwali. To cash out on this car buying trend, car manufacturers are offering a plethora of attractive deals and discounts during this festive season.

    To make your diwali 2017 a special one, the leading automaker Maruti Suzuki India has rolled out a range of attractive deals on Maruti cars. So, bring home your dream car this diwali at an affordable price, and enjoy a host of additional benefits as well.

    Maruti is offering attractive car deals on various models namely Ertiga, Alto, Alto K10, Wagon R, Swift, Celerio and Ciaz. From cash discounts ranging from Rs.9,000 - Rs.50,000 on new cars to exchange bonuses of up to Rs.50,000 on old cars along with freebies like gold coins, Maruti has mind-boggling offers for all types of buyers.

    2017 Diwali Deals on Maruti Suzuki Cars

    Check out this list of diwali offers from Maruti Suzuki to pick the most suitable one:

    Model Diwali Offers
    Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 An attractive Cash Discount of Rs.25,000 with additional Exchange Bonus of Rs.22,000. Freebie- A gold coin of 5g.
    Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 A lucrative Cash Discount of Rs.10,000 along with Exchange Bonus of Rs.20,000. Freebie- A gold coin of 4g.
    Maruti Suzuki Alto A Cash Discount of Rs.17,000 along with Exchange Bonus of Rs.25,000. Freebie- A gold coin of 5g.
    Maruti Suzuki Celerio MT- Rs.20,000 Cash Discount with an Exchange Bonus of Rs.19,000 Special gift- A gold coin of 3g. AMT- Rs.25,000 cash discount with Exchange Bonus of Rs.25,000 Special Gift- A gold coin of 4g.
    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Petrol & CNG- A Cash Discount of Rs.9,000 with additional Exchange Bonus of Rs.20,000. Diesel- A Cash Discount of Rs.10,000 with Exchange Bonus of Rs.45,000. Free Gift- A gold coin of 2g with all 3 variants.
    Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Diesel- A Cash Discount of Rs.50,000 plus an Exchange Bonus of Rs.50,000.
    Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Petrol & CNG- Cash Discount of Rs.23,000 and an Exchange Bonus of Rs.29,000. Freebie- A gold coin of 4g. AMT- A Cash Discount of Rs.25,000 and Exchange Bonus of Rs.29,000. Freebie- A gold coin of 5g.
    Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol- A Cash Discount of Rs.20,000 and an Exchange Bonus of Rs.15,500. Diesel- A Cash Discount of Rs.22,000 and an Exchange Bonus of Rs.15,500. Free Gift- A gold coin of 2g with both the versions.
    Maruti Swift Dzire Tour A Cash Discount of Rs.22,000 and an Exchange Bonus of Rs.15,500.

    Details of Maruti Suzuki Car Diwali Deals 2017

    To make things easier for you, here are the details and the specifications of the Maruti Suzuki Diwali deals offered this year:

    • Maruti Alto 800

    On the purchase of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, buyers will receive an attractive cash discount of Rs, 20,000. Customers will also get a 5g gold coin absolutely free of cost. That’s not all! Maruti is giving an additional bonus worth Rs.20,000 on the exchange of an old Maruti Alto 800 with a new car.

    • Maruti Alto K10

    While buying the popular Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 hatchback, buyers can get Rs.10,000 cash discount along with a gold coin of 4g. Additionally, for people who want to replace their car, the company is offering a hefty exchange bonus of Rs.20,000 under their exchange scheme.

    • Maruti Alto AMT

    Buyers who want to purchase the Alto AMT variant are now eligible to get a cash discount of Rs.17,000 along with a 5g gold coin as free gift. Moreover, you can get a bonus amount of Rs.25,000 on exchange of your old Alto AMT with a new car. Take advantage of these special discounts on Alto and drive home in your dream car.

    • Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

    Upon purchasing the CNG and the Petrol variants of the most-selling Maruti Suzuki Wagon R range, customers will get a hefty cash discount of Rs.23,000 and receive a 4g gold coin as diwali gift. There is also a huge exchange bonus of Rs.29,000 for car owners who want to exchange their existing Wagon R during this festive period.

    Don’t get disappointed, if you are planning to buy the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R AMT as there is a special diwali discount on Wagon R AMT as well. The company is proffering a massive cash benefit of Rs.25,000 and a 5g gold coin on its purchase. There is also an exchange bonus of Rs.29,000 for people who already have a car from this range.

    • Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

    To entice the car lovers this festive season, Maruti has proffered wonderful discounts on their popular car range Ertiga. You can get hold of an alluring cash discount of Rs.9,000 on its CNG as well as Petrol variants. Want more? Maruti Suzuki is also giving an exchange bonus of Rs.20,000 for people who want to get a new car in exchange of the existing one.

    Furthermore, for buyers who want to own the expensive diesel variant of this car, the auto making company is offering a cash discount of Rs.10,000. Also, you can get a huge exchange bonus of Rs.45,000 if you have plans to replace your car.

    As a part of this festive offer, the buyers will also get a gold coin of 2 gram with all the 3 variants of this car.

    • Maruti Suzuki Celerio

    Customers who want to own a brand new Maruti Suzuki Celerio this diwali will get a cash benefit of Rs.20,000 along with a free 3g gold coin. If you are an existing user and want to bring home a new car exchanging the old one, you are eligible to get an attractive exchange bonus of Rs.19,000.

    Conversely, The AMT variant of Maruti Celerio is made available for the buyers with a lucrative cash discount of Rs.22,000. The buyers availing this special diwali discount on Celerio will also receive a 4g gold coin along with the vehicle. Individuals who already own a Celerio AMT can exchange it with any Maruti model with an attractive exchange bonus of Rs.22,000.

    • Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Maruti has come up with a variety of diwali discounts on Swift making it easier for you to grab this car. Customers can buy the petrol version of this popular car with a cash discount of Rs.20,000 and those who want to exchange their existing car can easily do that by availing the exchange bonus of Rs.15,500. The company is also giving a 2g gold coin as a special gift on its purchase.

    On the other hand, you can buy the diesel variant with a cash discount of Rs.22,000 while receiving a 2g gold coin as gift. There is more! Maruti is proffering an exchange bonus of Rs.15,500 to the existing car owners.

    • Maruti Swift Dzire Tour

    People who have the luxurious Maruti Swift Dzire Tour in their wishlist are lucky to get a cash discount of Rs.22,000 on its price during this festival season. Moreover, the company is offering Rs.15,500 exchange bonus for buyers who wish to exchange their old car and get a new one soon.

    • Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

    This diwali if you wish to drive home in a sedan, then don’t delay to grab it as there are multiple discounts on Ciaz. At present, this high-selling car is available on sale with a huge cash discount of Rs.50,000.

    The existing buyers are also not left out! People who already have a Ciaz but want to purchase a new vehicle on diwali can easily exchange their car availing the massive exchange bonus of Rs.50,000 and take home a new car.

    Best Diwali Car Loan Deals on Maruti Suzuki 2017

    Banks understand the financial requirements of the car lovers. This is why top Indian banks are offering low-interest car loans with easy EMI options to help people buy their desired cars in diwali 2017. Here are some of the attractive car loan deals from renowned bank that will make the purchase of a Maruti Suzuki car light on your pocket:

    • There will be no processing fee for Andhra Bank car loans till 31 October,2017.
    • Federal Bank is providing car loans for new cars with zero processing fees.
    • SBI has waived 100% processing fee on car loans till 31 December, 2017.
    • ICICI Bank car loans are available with a discount on the processing fee along with zero foreclosure charges.
    • Several private banks are offering special discounts on the interest rates and other charges for the women borrowers.

    So, if you want to bring home a brand new Maruti Suzuki, this is the best time to grab them while making some significant profit. In case you need some extra funds to back up the purchase, apply for the best car loans given by the top banks right away. Just choose your car, avail the loan and drive home in your dream machine.

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