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Hyundai Creta is a picture-perfect SUV from the stable of Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), the second-largest car manufacturer in India. HMIL has a sophisticated manufacturing plant near Chennai that spearheads the production, testing, and quality management activities of the company.

Features Of The Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta has a strong outer structure that is made of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) and Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS). The refined fluidic sculpture and modern look add to the charm of the vehicle. The interiors are designed futuristically with attractive visual and audio features. The vehicle also has a powerful engine that elevates the comfort of your ride to a different level altogether.

External features:

Some of the distinctive external features of the Hyundai Creta include:

  • Rear defogger and wiper that keeps the rear glass mist-free and ensures enhanced visibility.
  • Door scuff plates that protect the sill area when passengers enter and exit the vehicle.
  • Piano black roof and a sporty spoiler that add elegance.
  • Black shark fin antenna that compliments your style.

Engine specifications:

The vehicle is available in petrol and diesel variants with the following engines:

  • 1.6L CRDi VGT diesel engine - This engine delivers 128 ps of maximum power at 4,000 rpm. The maximum torque generated is 26.5 kg-m at 1,900 - 2,750 rpm.
  • 1.6L dual VTVT petrol engine - This is an extremely robust engine that generates 123 ps of maximum power at 6,400 rpm. The engine also generates a peak torque of 15.4 kg-m at 4,850 rpm.
  • 1.4L CRDi diesel engine - This engine is built to enhance the mileage of the vehicle, and it generates a peak power of 90 ps at 4,000 rpm. The maximum torque generated is 22.4 kg-m at 1,500 - 2,750 rpm.

The vehicle is also available with a six-speed automatic transmission and a six-speed manual transmission.

Other features:

The Hyundai Creta is characterised by the following features:

  • Hill-start assist control (HAC) - This enables you to start safely on an incline without moving backwards.
  • Electronic stability control (ESC) - This prevents the vehicle from skidding at the time of turning or sudden braking.
  • Static bending lights (SBL) - This offers greater visibility while turning and illuminates previous blind spots.

Hyundai Car Insurance For Creta

When buying a Hyundai Creta, you can buy a policy recommended by the dealership through the Hyundai car insurance programme. The facility enables you to compare between 10 insurance providers and buy the policy online. There are no additional charges for policy comparison. .

  • You will have to first visit the website of Hyundai car insurance.
  • Then select the type of insurance required, i.e., new policy, dealer policy, policy renewal, etc.
  • You will also have to provide the registration number of the car and the year of registration.
  • The online form also validates whether the registration certificate and the expiring policy are both in your name. This is relevant only in the case of car insurance renewals.
  • You can then click on ‘’Get Quotes” to receive premium quotes from an assortment of leading car insurance companies.

Alternatively, you can buy insurance for your Hyundai Creta through the official websites of insurance companies or via neutral insurance broking websites like BankBazaar.

Discounts Offered By Hyundai Car Insurance For Creta

  • Hyundai car insurance offers a discount based on the membership of the car owner in the Automobile Association in his/her region. The amount of discount offered for private cars is Rs.200.
  • Car owners get a discount of Rs.500 if their vehicles are equipped with anti-theft devices.
  • The car insurance policy purchased from Hyundai car insurance also rewards the car owner with a No Claim Bonus (NCB) for observing claim-free years. This benefit can even be transferred to the insurance of another car owned by the same person.

Why Should You Buy Insurance For Your Hyundai Creta?

The law mandates that all vehicles in India are protected with a minimum insurance coverage, i.e., the third-party liability insurance. However, it is advisable to buy a comprehensive car insurance plan for your Hyundai Creta, as it offers the following additional benefits:

  • Losses to the vehicle from accidents or thefts.
  • Damages to the vehicle from natural calamities, such as explosion, fire, lightning, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, storms, cyclones, hailstorms, landslides, rockslides, etc.
  • Losses to the vehicle from man-made disasters, such as riots, vandalism, malicious acts, strikes, terrorist acts.
  • Damages to the vehicle while in transit via rail, road, lift, inland waterway, air, or elevator.

The Hyundai car insurance coverage usually includes personal accident cover for the owner-driver, but not for the passengers. You can enhance the coverage offered by the plan by choosing to append add-ons to the base policy.

Insurance Partners For Hyundai Car Insurance

The Hyundai car insurance programme partners with several leading general insurance companies in India. Some of these include:

  • Bharti AXA General Insurance
  • IndiaFirst Life Insurance
  • Future Generali
  • IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance
  • HDFC ERGO General Insurance
  • ICICI Lombard General Insurance
  • L&T General Insurance
  • National Insurance Company Ltd.
  • PNB Metlife
  • Cholamandalam MS General Insurance

What You Need To Know Before Insuring Your Hyundai Car

Before you proceed with the purchase of a car insurance policy for your new Hyundai car, you should be aware of the basics of car insurance coverage. There are two types of car insurance policies that you can purchase for your Hyundai Creta:

  1. Liability-only policy - This insurance cover offers you protection from liability to a third party in an accident. The coverage is inclusive of protection to third-party property and life. It does not offer insurance cover to the vehicle for which the car insurance policy was taken. Some insurance companies include personal accident cover for the owner-driver as a part of the third-party liability coverage. This policy is also the cheapest form of car insurance available in the market today. It is the minimum level of insurance that every car needs to be equipped with.
  2. Comprehensive car insurance policy - This insurance policy, also referred to as a package policy, offers extensive coverage to the policyholder and the insured vehicle.
    1. In addition to third-party liability coverage, it also offers own-damage cover to the insured car. This protects the vehicle from accidents, theft, natural calamities, and man-made disasters.
    2. The comprehensive insurance policy also provides personal accident cover for the owner-driver.

The Exclusions Under The Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan Are:

  • Wear and tear of the vehicle with age
  • Driving after consumption of alcohol/drugs
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Using the car for racing, speed testing, hire, etc.
  • Consequential losses
  • Using the car outside the geographical limits mentioned in the policy
  • Mechanical/electrical breakdown of the car
  • Losses through nuclear wars

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance For Hyundai Creta

At the time of filing a claim, your car insurance company will make use of a complex formula to calculate the amount payable. This formula takes into consideration the depreciation of the car. This implies that you will finally be paying a considerable fraction of the claim amount yourself.

So essentially, your comprehensive car insurance cover is not all that exhaustive after all! Yes the terminology is misleading, but after having purchased a comprehensive cover, the only thing you can do to minimise the amount you will be contributing towards a claim is to purchase a zero depreciation cover.

Zero depreciation cover, when added to a comprehensive car insurance plan, can actually offer you exhaustive coverage under your car insurance. This add-on plan enables you to get the entire claim amount without factoring for the depreciation of the vehicle. The only amount you will have to pay towards the claim is that corresponding to deductibles.

Difference Between Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan And Zero Depreciation Cover

The market value of a car decreases with age. This is referred to as depreciation. In the realm of car insurance, the depreciation of a vehicle is based on the following guidelines:

Age of the car Percentage depreciation
6 months or lesser 5%
Between 6 months and 1 year 15%
Between 1 year and 2 years 20%
Between 2 years and 3 years 30%
Between 3 years and 4 years 40%
Between 4 years and 5 years 50%
Above 5 years The depreciation and IDV of the vehicle is decided between the insurer and the policyholder on the basis of a mutual agreement

The standard rates for depreciation of car parts are as follows:

Car part Depreciation
Parts with high wear and tear, such as rubber and plastic parts, tyres/tubes, and battery 50%
Fibreglass parts 30%
Metallic parts 0-50%, based on the age of the car

The main difference between comprehensive car insurance and the zero depreciation add-on policy is the coverage for full settlement offered. The depreciation of the car will not have an impact on the coverage if the base policy is enhanced with the zero depreciation rider.

If the car was insured only with a standard comprehensive policy, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle is considered at the time of a claim. The IDV is essentially the listed selling price of the car (as per the manufacturer) less depreciation. This implies that the car owner will have to pay the amount corresponding to depreciation of the car/car parts, along with the deductibles.

Is It Worth Buying A Zero Depreciation Cover For Your Hyundai Creta?

The zero depreciation cover has a definitive set of advantages over the standard insurance cover. But it should be noted that this rider costs about 20% of the price of a standard plan. This implies that you will be bearing a higher premium each year to ensure that you will not be required to pay a huge amount at the time of a future claim settlement.

If a car owner is seeking affordable motor insurance coverage, the zero depreciation rider may not be a good choice. However, the cover is apt for a person who does not mind paying the additional amount for complete peace of mind through exhaustive car insurance.

Other points to note about the zero depreciation cover are:

  • This add-on cover has limitations on the number of claims you are allowed to make in a policy year. This is essential, as car owners may otherwise take advantage of the fact that they do not have to pay too much at the time of a claim. If such a restriction exists, the incidence of claims for small dents and scratches will be minimised.
  • The zero depreciation cover only applies to cars that are less than 3 years old. If your car is older than that, the insurer may refuse to sell you this coverage. Also, from the perspective of the car owner, it is not cost-effective to pay higher premiums for the insurance of older cars.

In a nutshell, if you have a new vehicle or a luxury car, you should protect it with zero depreciation car insurance. Also, if you live in an accident-prone area or a region with higher risk of car damage/theft, it is advisable to buy this rider.

Hyundai Creta Car Insurance Cost

The cost of insurance for your Hyundai Creta depends on several factors:

  • The policy coverage and deductibles - The amount of coverage you opted for and the deductibles have a significant impact on your car insurance premium. Opting for higher deductibles implies that you will be bearing a lower premium on car insurance, and vice versa.
  • The make and model of the car - The premium for third-party liability insurance depends on the engine capacity of the car. This is a fixed value decided by the IRDA on an annual basis. Also, the own-damage part of the insurance premium will be greater for a high-end car than that for a compact vehicle.
  • Safety equipment - If your Hyundai Creta is equipped with safety devices that are ARAI-approved, then it will attract a lower premium on car insurance.
  • Customer loyalty - Some insurers give premium discounts to customers who hold multiple insurance policies with them. So, if you have a health insurance policy with an insurance company, check if they offer motor insurance as well. You may be able to get a better deal on your car insurance this way.
  • The driving pattern and history of the policyholder - Car owners who use their vehicles for long-distance commuting frequently are usually required to pay a lot more on insurance. The insurance company also checks the driving history of the individual. In case he/she has been a diligent driver who has refrained from raising claims, he/she would have accrued a considerable No Claim Bonus (NCB). This can translate into an attractive discount on the renewal premium.
  • The area in which the policyholder resides - If the car is parked in an area that is prone to thefts and violence, it will cost more to insure the car. The rate of accidents and thefts is lower in rural areas, so you will pay lesser premium there.

In addition to the above, insurers also consider several other factors such as age and marital status of the car owner before providing a car insurance premium quote.

Hyundai Creta Car Insurance Premium Calculator

The Hyundai car insurance website has an online premium calculator tool that provides the premium quote based on certain details specific to your car. You will have to update certain details on the online form at the Hyundai car insurance website:

  • You will have to select the type of insurance you are seeking, i.e., new policy, renewal of expired policy, third-party liability policy, etc.
  • Then update the vehicle details, such as make and model of the car, registration number and date of registration.
  • You will have to confirm whether the Registration Certificate and the expiring policy are in your name. This is relevant to car insurance renewals only.
  • Once you have updated the above information, you will receive the quote for insuring your car.

It is also possible to calculate the premium at neutral financial websites like BankBazaar. This service is offered free of any extra charges. Moreover, you can also compare policies between insurance companies and buy a suitable plan for your needs.

Alternatively, you can calculate the premium for car insurance directly at the websites of insurance companies. The policy comparison facility will not be available in this case.

The premium calculator tool is easy to use and offers you results instantly. It is a very useful facility for forecasting your expenditures when setting your annual budget.

Hyundai Creta Car Insurance Renewal Online

You can renew your Hyundai Creta car insurance policy in the following manner:

  • Scenario 1 - In case you have bought the policy through Hyundai car insurance, you can renew the policy online at the company’s website. You will have to provide certain details pertaining to the car and your personal information (as indicated above) to receive a quote. Once you agree to the quote, you can pay the premiums online through credit/debit cards or the net banking facility.
  • Scenario 2 - If you have purchased the plan directly from the insurer, you can logon to the insurance company’s official website and renew the insurance online. Almost all insurance providers enable you to renew your car insurance online in a similar manner as described in scenario 1. The process is also highly secure and promises instant policy issuance.
  • Scenario 3 - Neutral financial websites like BankBazaar offer you the facility of online policy renewal. BankBazaar has a user-friendly website through which you can easily renew your auto insurance. Moreover, you will receive the expert guidance of its customer service representatives to guide you through the process.

It is highly recommended to renew your car insurance online. The advantages of online policy renewal are as follows:

  • Offers and promotions - Most insurance companies offer discounts to customers who opt to renew their car insurance online. Online sale of insurance eliminates distribution and processing costs from the workflow. Hence, the insurer gains considerably through this mode of policy sale. The insurance company, in turn, passes on these savings to the customer in the form of discounts and promotional offers for online policy purchase/renewal.
  • Instant issuance - When a policyholder renews car insurance online, the policy is issued instantly. Most insurers do not insist on a car survey unless there is a gap in the insurance coverage of the vehicle.
  • Comparison of plans - When buying insurance online, you can make use of the policy comparison facility. This enables you to compare auto insurance plans between insurance companies and decide on one that offers you optimum coverage at the lowest cost. This is particularly useful at the time of policy renewal because you can switch insurers if needed.
  • Ease of use - The process of purchasing/renewing a car insurance policy online is easy and quick. It can be done conveniently at your home, with minimal paperwork.
  • Safe and secure - The online policy issuance facility is highly secure and it follows global security standards to ensure that confidential information is not compromised. So, you can rest assured that you will not fall prey to fraudulent activities.
  • Online storage of insurance policies - Buying car insurance online is highly beneficial as you will have an online record of the policy that can be retrieved from anywhere, if needed. This helps in protecting the policy documentation from losses, including those arising from natural calamities.
  • Automated servicing - The after-sales service for online insurance policies is commendable. The online channel is very effective for various other services, such as online premium payments, investment tracking, claim filing, etc. This helps the customer in being self-sufficient without having to involve an insurance agent for all minor queries. Moreover, the entire process is cost-effective and saves you a lot of time.

Hyundai Creta Car Insurance Claim

If you are involved in an event for which you can claim for losses, you should do so with the least possible delay. Most insurance companies expect you to raise a car insurance claim within 48 hours of the incident. You will also need to notify the police and file an FIR.

An FIR is necessary for claims involving car theft, third-party liability, accidental death, etc. In situations of losses arising from natural calamities, it is not necessary to substantiate a claim with an FIR.

  • After you file a claim with the insurance company, a representative of the insurer will survey the damaged vehicle and quantify the losses. The vehicle can then be moved to a network garage for repairs.
  • It is advisable to opt for a network garage as the repair work will be done in a transparent manner using the best of equipments. The process will also be quick and payment will be settled directly between the insurance company and the network garage. You will only have to pay a small fraction of the claim amount corresponding to deductibles.
  • If needed, you can opt to get the car repaired at a garage of your choice (that is not in the network of the insurer). In this case, you will have to collect all the relevant bills and documentation for raising a reimbursement claim later on.

Hyundai Creta Price In India

The following table indicates the ex-showroom price of Hyundai Creta variants in Delhi:


Variant Ex-showroom price (Rs.)
Creta 1.6 E Plus Petrol Rs.10 lakh
Creta 1.6 EX Petrol Rs.10.85 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Petrol Rs.12.26 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Dual Tone Petrol Rs.12.80 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Automatic Petrol Rs.13.75 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Option Petrol Rs.13.87 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Option Executive Rs.14.16 lakh


Variant Ex-showroom price (Rs.)
Creta 1.4 E Plus Diesel Rs.10 lakh
Creta 1.4 EX Diesel Rs.11 lakh
Creta 1.4 S Diesel Rs.11.91 lakh
Creta 1.6 S Automatic Diesel Rs.13.36 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Diesel Rs.13.60 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Dual Tone Diesel Rs.14.14 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Auotomatic Diesel Rs.15.20 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Option Diesel Rs.15.37 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Option Executive Diesel Rs.15.65 lakh

*The features and prices may be changed by Hyundai, without prior notice. So, check with the dealership on the latest specifications and prices before buying the vehicle.

GST Update: GST of 18% is applicable on car insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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