L&T Car Insurance Cashless Network Garages

Get list of network garages associated with L&T GENERAL INSURANCE in India.

Find network garages for L&T GENERAL INSURANCE in India.

Note: L&T General Insurance is now HDFC General Insurance.

L&T General Insurance offers products under health insurance, motor insurance, home insurance corporate insurance, SME insurance and rural insurance. The insurance portfolio of L&T was bought by HDFC Ergo in June 2016, and merged with the products offered under the sub-division HDFC General Insurance.

Motor insurance – especially third party insurance – is mandatory under the Indian law. Every vehicle – whether a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler – has to be covered by a motor insurance policy in order to ensure that unpredictable events such as accidents do not burden you with liabilities and debts. Comprehensive insurance products also offer accidental death or disability cover, as well as protection against theft, injury to self and car due to own negligence, and damage to the car due to any external event, man-made or natural. Such a car insurance policy ensures that you are protected against any unforeseen event at any time.

L&T Motor Insurance offers the following products:

  1. my:asset Private Car Package Policy: This policy such as accident by a third party, burglary or theft of the vehicle, fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightning, terrorist attacks, riots, strikes, earthquake, floods, storms, and landslides or rockslides. The car is covered for up to Rs.7.5 lakh on damage, the owner of the vehicle gets an accidental death or disability coverage of Rs.2 lakh, and damage to third party vehicles and persons is unlimited.
  2. my:asset Private Car Liability Policy: This policy covers third party damage caused by the registered driver or car. This is the basic policy required for a car as per laws in India. You can include coverage for paid driver, employee, and unnamed and named passengers.
  3. my:asset Two-Wheeler Liability Policy: This policy is for two-wheelers, and includes basic third party coverage, and additional coverage can be bought for employee and pillion riders.
  4. my:jeevika Miscellaneous Liability Policy: This policy is for miscellaneous vehicles, covering basic third party liability. You can add coverage for driver, cleaner, conductor, employee and passengers.
  5. my:jeevika Commercial Liability Policy: This policy is for commercial vehicles such as taxis, bus and lorries. Coverage is similar to the Miscellaneous Liability Policy.

L&T Cashless Garages Network

To avail the benefits of cashless service centres, you need to join the cashless garages plan at the time of choosing and finalising your insurance policy. For you to avail the full benefits of L&T cashless claims, you need to take your vehicle to one of the authorised service centres. Cashless garages are affiliated to L&T and give you optimal service and insurance benefits. You can service or repair your vehicles without having to pay any cash. The insurance company will settle your claims through the garage directly, once the repairs have been carried out. The bill and a report of vehicular damage and claim details will be sent by these cashless service centres directly to your insurance provider, making life convenient for you.

L&T has an extensive garage network across India, numbering around 1,370, and growing every day. State-wise distribution of L&T cashless garages are as given in the table below:

State/Union Territory No. of cashless service centres
Andhra Pradesh 39
Bihar 9
Chandigarh 6
Chattisgarh 4
Delhi 157
Gujarat 154
Haryana 122
Himachal Pradesh 1
Karnataka 54
Kerala 8
Madhya Pradesh 34
Maharashtra 216
Odisha 96
Punjab 9
Rajasthan 97
Tamil Nadu 145
Telangana 19
Uttar Pradesh 199

The popular garages in prominent Indian cities are:

  • Delhi:
    • Anand Motors
    • Friends Automobiles
    • Sri Sai Auto Engineers
    • Maruti Sales & Service
  • Mumbai:
    • Car & Care Auto Services
    • Fortpoint Automotive
    • Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd.
    • Modi Car Agencies
  • Chennai:
    • Popular Vehicles & Services
    • Harsha Automobiles
    • India Motors
    • Mahindra First Choice Services
  • Hyderabad:
    • Fortune Automobiles India
    • Kapil Motors
    • Sree Krishna Automotives
    • Maximum Automobile Engineers
  • Bangalore:
    • Bimal Auto Agency
    • Ravindu Motors
    • Sagar Automobiles
    • Hi-Tech Auto
  • Chandigarh:
    • Joshi Auto Wheels
    • Modern Automobiles
    • Padam Motors
    • Ashwani Automobiles
  • Ahmedabad:
    • Secure Automobiles
    • Chartered Autozone
    • Dev Auto
    • Krishna Motors
  • Gurgaon:
    • Orion Automobiles
    • Green Motors
    • Harpreet Motors
    • Triumph Auto-Engineering
  • Ernakulam (Kochi):
    • Mustang Motors
    • Cinzac Sales and Services
  • Bhopal:
    • Arcot Motors
    • Classic Automobiles
    • Super Automobiles
  • Jaipur:
    • Kamal Autotech
    • Highway Motors
    • Nirmal Cars
    • Raghav Automobiles

Services offered at L&T Cashless Garages

L&T cashless garages offer the following services:

  • Diagnosis and investigation of vehicular damage
  • Complete repair and renovation of the vehicle as required
  • Assistance for claim settlements
  • Roadside assistance in case of breakdowns and accidents
  • Purchase of insurance policies and renewal

How to make cashless claims with L&T

The first thing to do when making an insurance claim is to call L&T (HDFC) on their toll-free number 1800-209-5846, and inform them about the incident and the nature of the claim you will be making. The company will give you a claim number and explain the claims process to you. You also need to find the nearest cashless service centre or network garage for investigation and repairs.

Before making your claim for any accident ensure that you have information about the model and number of the vehicle involved in the accident with you, and names and contact numbers of witnesses. If anyone is injured due to you in an accident, take the victim to the nearest hospital. You also need to file an FIR with the nearest police station – this is needed in case of accidents, injuries and death, theft, fire, burglary or other anti-social activities.

L&T cashless garages FAQs:

  1. Are there any exceptions when I cannot make a claim?

    Yes. Each policy may have a number of exclusions wherein your claim will be invalid. Some of the exceptions are:

    • If the vehicle is involved in an accident outside India;
    • If the vehicle suffers mechanical or electrical breakdown;
    • Loss of or damage to expensive items in the car during an accident;
    • If the insured/registered driver was driving the car without a driving licence;
    • If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
    • If the car sustains an accident when being used for any other purpose except private use – i.e. racing, rented for a trip, transport of goods, speed testing, etc.
    • Loss or damage due to nuclear fission, war, or radioactive substances

    Each policy will have its own set of inclusions and exclusions – read the offer document carefully to find the required information.

  2. Can I make a claim if I was not driving the vehicle when it met with the accident?

    You can make a claim if your insurance policy covers paid drivers or if the driver has a valid driving licence. The insurance basically covers the seating capacity of the vehicle.

  3. Can the insurance policy be transferred to new owner of the car?

    If you sell your car, coverage of third party liabilities continues, while personal liability/death and disability coverage ceases. The new owner has to submit a new application form to continue the third party liability cover and add personal cover for herself/himself.

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