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    The world of automobiles is a rather fascinating one. With new innovations and inventions being carried out in the field every day, each automobile that rolls out from the factory’s assembly line is indeed a work of art, involving some complex mechanics and intricate engineering. Speaking about automobiles, there are a few names which have established themselves, over the years, to be among the world’s greatest. One among them, is, Audi, a German luxury automobile maker. Founded all the way back in 1932, Audi, a majority owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, not only engineers it’s own vehicles but also undertakes various other aspects like designing, producing, marketing and distribution of its vehicles from 9 production facilities located worldwide. As a part of its fleet, Audi manufacturers vehicles in different categories like sedans, coupés and SUVs.

    There is definitely much more to an Audi, besides the thrill of owning and driving one. To ensure that your vehicle stays in impeccable condition and protected from any potential risk or damage, Audi has introduced Drive Assure, a dedicated insurance service. You can choose between two comprehensive insurance plans, which are, Elite Plus and Silver Plus Plan.

    Features – Audi Car Insurance

    Audi Drive Assure brings you two different but well-appointed insurance plans. Both the plans listed above combine different coverage elements to provide optimum protection to your vehicle, wherever you may be. Listed below are the overall coverage features offered by both these plans.

    Vehicle Replacement

    Under the Elite Plus plan, Audi Drive Assure offers a unique feature known as ‘Vehicle Replacement’. The sheer brilliance of this feature lies in the fact that in the event of an accident, if your vehicle has been declared a ‘Total Loss’ by the insurance company, Audi Drive Assure will provide you with a brand new Audi as a replacement for your now damaged vehicle. The difference between the IDV i.e. insured declared value of the vehicle and its ex-showroom price will be borne by Audi India. This feature also covers any cost incurred towards the procurement of a fresh vehicle insurance policy, cost of registration (including road tax) or any other taxes which may be applicable on a new Audi vehicle.

    Depreciation Shield

    Another great feature from Audi Drive Assure is the Depreciation Shield cover. Take the instance, if your Audi has been damaged following an accident and cost of repairs overshoots the amount of damage claim that you are entitled to. In such a case, Audi Drive Assure ensures that you don’t have to bear the burden of the additional expenses.

    As per the ‘Depreciation Shield’ feature, the Audi Drive Assure will bear the additional cost difference between the damage claim and the actual cost of repairs. The feature also covers the cost of depreciation applicable on any of the vehicle’s replaced parts.

    Engine Protector

    The heart of an Audi lies in its engine. Which is why, it requires special attention and protection. The ‘Engine Protector’ feature takes care of exactly that. This feature compensates for any cost which may be incurred towards restoration or repair of engine damage occurring due to: (i) leakage of lubrication oil, or (ii) water ingression, or (iii) any damage the undercarriage of the Audi which results in leakage of the lubricating oil, which in turn damages the gear box.

    Rim & Tyre Coverage

    Considering the overall complex mechanics which go into the making of an Audi, the tyres and its various parts are no exception. However, given the terrible condition of roads prevailing, tyres run the risk of damage or deformation which can greatly affect the performance and functionality of your Audi. The ‘Rim and Tyre Coverage’ feature will take care of any expense incurred in the replacement of the alloy wheels or alloy wheel rims of your vehicle. Also as a part of this feature, if any (one or more) of the tyres of your vehicle are damaged after bursting or cut due to the vehicle being driven on deflated tyres, Audi India will bear the cost applicable on the remaining tread depth of the damaged tyres.

    Audi Car - Price*

    Audi A3 Sedan
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    35 TDI (Diesel) 1968 CC Rs 29,29,000 (Premium);
    Rs 33,03,000 (Premium+);
    Rs 34,90,000 (Technology Pack)
    40 TFSI (Petrol) 1798 CC Rs 32,19,000 (Premium+)
    Audi A3 Cabriolet
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    40 TFSI (petrol) 1798 CC Rs 45,83,000 (Premium+)
    Audi A4
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    35 TDI (Diesel) 1968 CC Rs 37,30,000 (Premium);
    Rs 39,86,000 (Premium Sport);
    Rs 41,73,750 (Technology Pack)
    35 TFSI (Petrol) 1798 CC Rs 33,49,000 (Premium)
    Audi A6
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    35 TDI (Diesel) 1968 CC Rs 50,65,000 (Matrix Edition)
    35 TFSI (Petrol) 1798 CC Rs 46,99,000 (Premium)
    Audi A8 L
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    50 TDI Quattro (diesel) 2967 CC Rs 1,11,53,225 (Premium);
    Rs 1,16,73,351 (Premium+)
    60 TDI Quattro (diesel) 4134 CC Rs 1,35,77,230 (Standard)
    60 TFSI Quattro (petrol) 3993 CC Rs 1,40,84,111 (Standard)
    W12 Quattro (petrol) 6299 CC Rs 1,91,15,185 (Standard)
    Audi Q3
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    S Edition (diesel) 1968 CC Rs 29,73,000 (Standard)
    35 TDI Quattro (diesel) 1968 CC Rs 36,45,000 (Premium);
    Rs 38,39,000 (Premium+)
    Audi Q5
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    30 TDI Quattro (diesel) 1968 CC Rs 50,59,500 (Premium);
    Rs 52,59,500 (Premium+);
    Rs 57,27,000 (Technology Pack)
    45 TDI Quattro (diesel) 2967 CC Rs 64,32,000 (Technology Pack)
    Audi Q7
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    35 TDI Quattro (diesel) 2967 CC Rs 65,81,000 (Premium);
    Rs 71,41,000 (Premium+);
    Rs 81,43,750 (Technology Pack)
    Audi RS 5 Coupé
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    4.2 FSI Quattro (petrol) 4163 CC Rs 1,11,26,750 (Standard)
    Audi R8 Coupé Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    V8 4.2 FSI (petrol) 4163 CC Rs 1,74,38,000 (Standard)
    V10 5.2 FSI (petrol) 5204 CC Rs 2,03,94,000 (Standard)
    Audi R8 Spyder
    Type Engine Capacity Price** (Grade)
    RS 8 5.2 FSI (petrol) 5204 CC
    Audi RS 7 Sportback
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    4.0 TFSI Quattro (petrol) 3993 CC Rs 1,43,26,750 (Standard)
    Audi S5 Sportback
    Type Engine Capacity Price (Grade)
    3.0 TFSI Quattro (petrol) 5204 CC Rs 64,34,000 (Standard)

    * Prices mentioned are ex-showroom and for Bangalore, Karnataka.

    ** Price of vehicle not available for Bangalore, Karnataka.

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