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Punjab National Bank Home Loan Overview

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Punjab National Bank Home Loan Punjab National Bank Home Loan Deals

Exciting Home Loan deals avilable from Punjab National Bank to buy your dream home. Attractive interest rates, best-in-class features and benefits, simple EMIs tailored according to the tenor you choose are some of the highlights you can expect from our housing finance.

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Benefits of Punjab National Bank Home Loans:
  • Bank offers home loan under both Floating & Fixed category.
  • Housing finance facility is available for construction or purchase of new/old house/flat/plot
  • Maximum loan repayment period for construction/purchase of house/flat is 25 years or when borrowers attain the age of 65 years whichever is earlier.
  • Maximum moratorium period to start home loan EMIs is 18 months
  • Maximum amount for home loan available is 75% of the value in purchase of house/flat.
  • Maximum loan available up to Rs 20 lakh for purchase of land/plot

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Punjab National Bank Home Loan FAQs

  1. Can I avail of Home Loan from Punjab National Bank ?
    • Yes, you can avail a Home Loan from Punjab National Bank, if Minimum Age of Applicant is 18 years
    • Salaried / Self employed professional and Self employed non professional

  2. What are the processing fees charged by Punjab National Bank?
    Nominal processing fee of 0.50% to 0.90% of loan amount is charged.

  3. Can I prepay the loan or remit amounts more than the EMI? Are there any penalties?
    There ar eno pre-payment penalties.

  4. For how long a period can I get the loan ?
    Punjab National Bank grant term upto a maximum of 25 years. The term for the loan will under no circumstances exceed the age of retirement or completion of 65 years of age, whichever is earlier.

  5. What is the security for the loan ?
    The security for the loan is equitable mortgage of the property to be financed.You will also be required to furnish guarantee by one/two individual/s of sound financial standing acceptable to us.

Punjab National Bank Home Loan Eligibility & Documentation

Punjab National Bank Home Loan Eligibility:

  • Minimum Age of Applicant: 18 years
  • Business / Service Continuity
  • Residency Stability
  • Minimum Gross Annual Income of Rs 200,000
  • Salaried / Self employed professional and Self employed non professional

How is your Punjab National Bank home loan eligibility determined?
Based on the following aspects Punjab National Bank will determine your loan eligibility:

  • Your monthly income
  • Property cost
  • Other EMI’s which you are paying for any other loan

Fill the form above to check your actual home loan amount eligibility.

Punjab National Bank Home Loan documentation:

  • Application form
  • Passport copy / PAN Card / Ration card
  • Passport sized photographs of all applicants / co-applicants
  • Latest Form 16 and 3 months salary statement
  • Latest 6 month bank statement
  • Repayment track record, if any

Punjab National Bank Home Loan Interest RatesUpdated on 23 April 2014

Details of Punjab National Bank Home Loan

PNB Home Loan Interest Rate.(Monthly reducing balance)
10.25% to 10.50% floating. Check Customized Interest Rates Now!
Processing Fees
0.50% to 0.90% of loan amount
PNB Home Loan Tenure
1 year to 25 years
PNB Home Loan Amount Funded
Up to 90% of property value
Partial Pre-payment Charges
Pre-closure Charges
Guarantor Requirement
Guarantor is mandatory

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