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Your Monthly Home Loan EMI: Rupee image 4,292

Monthly amount paid to your Home Loan provider

Break-up of all total amount payable
Loan Amount
25000Rupee image
Total Interest Due
756Rupee image
Processing Fee
500Rupee image
Loan Amount Via EMI
500Rupee image
Loan Amount Prepaid
500Rupee image
Total Interest
500Rupee image
Processing Fee
500Rupee image
Pre-payment Fee
500Rupee image
Total Amount Payable
26252Rupee image
Your loan details as specified by you
Loan Amount
25000Rupee image
6 Months
Interest Rate
Processing Fee
25000Rupee image

Your Amortization Details (Yearly/Monthly)

Your debt repayment schedule in regular instalments over a period of time.

Principal Paid Interest Paid Outstanding Loan BalanceO/S Balance(Without Pre-payment) O/S Balance(With Pre-payment)
Year Principal Paid(A) Interest Paid(B) Total Payment (A+B) Outstanding Loan Balance Pre-payment
Pre-payment Analysis

(We've broken it down for you!)

SummaryTotal AmountTenure
Without Pre-payment Rupee image 47,87,42610 yrs
With Pre-payment Rupee image 45,33,7238years 4months
YOU SAVE rupee0 YOUR TENURE REDUCED BY 1 years 8 months
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How to use BankBazaar.com's Home Loan EMI calculator to understand your Home Loan Repayment

Loan parameters needed for using the EMI calculator:

  • You need to know the loan amount, processing fee and the interest rate of your car loan, home loan or personal loan. If you plan to prepay your loan, then figure out the exact or approximate amount you intend to prepay and the periodicity of such payments depending on your loan agreement.
  • Use the sliders and input boxes provided in the calculator to key in or match these loan parameters.
  • The calculator will then work out the exact pattern of your loan repayment. Aspects such as the amortization table, the total interest outgo, the timelines of your loan repayment etc. will be displayed in accurate detail enabling you to make smart loan decisions!

Read on to learn how you can figure out the functionality of the different loan parameters and what role they specifically play in your loan repayment pattern. BankBazaar.com’s EMI calculator is a fantastic tool that can help you manage the various loan parameters to become debt free in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Loan Amount: Enter the Home Loan amount using the slider or the edit box you wish to borrow. For better financial planning our monthly outgoings (EMI’s) should not be more than 40% of your monthly income.
  • Interest Rate: This is the Interest rate that is charged on the money borrowed. This rate is monthly reducing balance.
  • Tenure: Select the period for which you wish to take the Home Loan. Generally Home loan tenures are upto 20 years.
  • Processing Fees: Bank charges a processing fee at the time of disbursing a Home loan. Processing fees typically vary between 0.5% to 1% of the loan amount.
  • EMI: By entering the four fields you can see your monthly EMI which you have to pay to the lender to pay off your home loan. Based on your loan EMI output you can ` check your home loan eligibility in real time at BankBazaar.com. Based on your eligibility BankBazaar will show you customized home loan offers from various banks. You can then select the best offer and apply online.
  • Break-up of your total amount payable: The EMI Calculator tool gives you the total Home loan amount payable to the lender. Your total loan amount payable is the sum of your loan amount (Principal), Interest payable and processing fees.
  • Starting Balance: The starting balance of any given period corresponds to the principal amount that is owed to the bank at the beginning of that period.
  • Interest Paid: This is the portion of your monthly payment that is applied towards interest.This portion will keep reducing each successive month as the home loan matures. The rest of your monthly payment is applied towards the home loan principal.
  • Principal Paid: This is the portion of your monthly payment that is applied towards the loan principal. This portion will keep increasing each month as the loan matures. The rest of your monthly payment is applied towards interest.
  • Ending Balance: The ending balance of any given period corresponds to the principal amount that is owed to the Bank at the end of that period.
  • You can switch to Annual view of your Home loan amortization.
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News About Home Loan EMI Calculator

  • Home Loan EMI & Interest Rates to remain intact, RBI

    The Reserve Bank of India’s step to retain the same interest rates as the previous year has come as a blow to those mortgagors who were hoping for a fall in Home Loan EMIs. After RBI’s order in the previous financial policy, almost all Indian banks had cut down their base rates by a 1/4th percentage point. Banks and financiers are dealing with increased pressures on their non-viable products and total interest margins. Hence it would be challenging if they go for another round of slashes in rates.

    11th August 2015

  • Smaller SBI Home Loan EMIs Post 15 Points Rate Cut

    Hours after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced a 25 basis points cut in the current repo rate, SBI has followed suit with its own slashing of 15 basis points from its base interest rate. RBI’s move comes in light of the lowering rate of inflation, and the need to promote growth rather than control prices, and puts the repo rate at 7.25%. The updated rate from SBI will come into effect from June 8, and will likely result in the reduction of Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) figures as concerning the SBI auto and home loan products. SBI’s domestic competitors including ICICI, HDFC and others are expected to announce their own rate cuts soon.

    9th June 2015

  • Major Banks Chop Base rate Home Loan EMIs Set to fall

    Major lenders have decided to cut lending rates after Governor Raghuram Rajan expressed his displeasure during RBI’s first bi-monthly monetary policy review for 2015-16. Dr.Rajan lashed out at banks for not passing on the perks of repo rate cuts to consumers. It may be recollected that the apex bank had reduced repo rates twice in the recent past.

    On Wednesday(08.04.2015), ICICI Bank trimmed base lending rate by 25 basis points(bps) to 9.75 per cent (erstwhile rate was 10%). This automatically lowers the home loan interest rates which are now available between 9.9-10% for general category of borrowers and 9.85 per cent for women. Similarly, India’s biggest lender, SBI, slashed the base rate which resulted in home loan rates falling to 10% for general borrowers and 9.95% for women. Axis and HDFC have also cut the base rates by 0.25 and 0.15 bps respectively.

    24th April 2015

  • Home Loan EMI’s Set To Reduce As Lenders Cut Base Rates

    If you are paying a hefty EMI for a home loan then you finally have a reason to celebrate because home loan EMI’s are set to reduce as base rates are reduced by lenders. The Chairman of SBI, Arundhati Bhattacharya confirmed the news and said that this could be the start of a trend in easing rates.

    Analysts say that, over the next 12 months, repo rates might reduce by as much as 1%, which would translate into monthly savings of upto Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 4,000. They have also said that, with the crash in prices of commodities globally, inflation is expected to remain low for some time to come, which in turn will bring down the interest rates for home loans.

    This reduction in base rates is also set to make a difference to other loans taken for bikes, TV’s, etc. as banks cut base rates. This combined with the savings from the reduced home loan EMI has the government hoping that spending trends in the country will improve. There is also speculation that, while old car loan holders may not benefit much, new car loan seekers might draw some advantage from this rate cut over the next few years.

    10th March 2015

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